When in discourse of sequential threads

It’s not a holiday meal without ___________
“tighter than…” similes

Oh no, Uncle Steve’s about to say “my belt’s tighter than a tax cheat thrown into Club Fed” another year?

Separated by two:

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge of 2014?
Scientists: Human body temperature is dropping worldwide

Laid off at 61. Now what?
The door to nowhere

Quotes that at first sound profound but really are obvious, stupid or pointless
Canadians! Do Not Let Moose Lick Your Car!

I mean, duh, anybody knows better than to let a moose lick your car!

It’s not a holiday meal without ___________
Bogie and those little white towels

Ply it again, ham.

Things that were done in your childhood that would never be allowed today
Teenage girls hiding hands

People started getting upset when they found stashes of human hands in the garage.

Trail cam question
Secret Service protection

If the photo shows he’s being trailed by a group of raccoons wearing shades and earpieces, you’re undoubtedly dealing with a Very Important Raccoon.

Are some scientific theories so harmful they should be suppressed?
Want to learn about Yoga for free!

I’m sorry, that information has been suppressed.

Extremely Dry Skin: How to treat?
T-Mobile 5G LTE Internet Service

You might grow a third ear, but your skin will be wonderfully soft and pliable.

Laid off at 61. Now what?
Are your hands symmetrical?

If so, maybe a hand model?

Use of > greater than and < less than in a non-mathematical sentence
How Accurate are MS Word’s Readability stats?

.< you’d think.
.> I’d like.

What can a single person use for medical transportation?
I have a problem with my cat, hoping for advice from a vet

If you’re thinking about buying a Jerr-Dan carrier, you probably need to cut back on feedings.

Old cat, how will I know?
Reading glasses with contacts

Yeah, cats with reading glasses are always old.

What are your hopes for the Biden Presidency?
Office chairs for the larger Doper

“By signing the Big-Ass Comfy Chairs Bill into law, President Biden finally is bringing relief to a forgotten class of Americans.”

Phrases/terms that aggravate the hell out of you
Ho, Ho, Hrmpf! (Dec mini rants)

It’s so aggravating that that isn’t even a word!

What, for you, were the most unexpected things about aging?
Eating without killing

These days, all I can do is hold down my prey while getting in a few quick nibbles.

Need a name for a serious film discussion group
Bogie and those little white towels