When in discourse of sequential threads

What’s Trump’s end game for the last 14 days of his presidency?
Will Trump kill himself on January 20?

Metaphorical end. I mean, I think.

In the dustbin of our cultural history
I don’t think I will ever retire

Dream on, Donald.

What message would it take to make obesity rates plummet dramatically?
I earn the money in this relationship! What I say goes!

No more Little Debbie snack cakes for you.

Which animals do not have external bilateral symmetry?
Roaches and cocoa

Asked and answered.

What’s the most interesting car you saw today?
You’re gonna need a bigger butt

You spotted a Ford Expedition? Cool.

[Older Dopers: What new musical artists do you listen to?
Your geographical misconceptions

Ahhh, the great new album by the Decemberists!

Religious people, what is your view of the norse gods?
Quality of life without a spleen?

It’s never a good idea to piss off the Norse gods.

Women Walking Arm in Arm
How strong an insult is “daft”?

Strong enough to get you whomped by heavy purses in stereo.

What do people pair a merlot with?
xkcd thread

If you’re going to join us in the Mallard Fillmore thread, bring a couple six-packs of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Why can’t the FBI just trace every phone inside the capitol building during the coup attempt
Bouncing Telephone Lines

We’re trying to trace them, but the darn things keep bouncing around!

Waiting to have sex
Swapping hard drives

So bacteria aren’t the only things that practice conjugation…

Which animals do not have external bilateral symmetry?
Hitler’s Single Testicle

Somebody missing a few marbles
Paltrow introduces vagina scented candle

Wait’ll you hear what she thinks people should do with that jade egg.

Phrases/terms that aggravate the hell out of you
Citizen Trump (et al.)

What life lessons have you learned from your pet?
Help Me Learn French

Rover tried his best to teach me, but his accent was just too thick.

Fossilized Dinosaur Cloaca!
Has Anyone Received Their Stimulus?

Waiting to have sex
I got a MyPillow gift certificate for Xmas. Now what?

The pillow is a start, but your odds will improve if you spring for a mattress and bedding too.

Phrases/terms that aggravate the hell out of you
It wasn’t a coup

Very stupid overheard conversations
Moving Day at the White House

“We’ll return the furniture in some form.”

Where might Trump go?
America’s Booziest Cities