When in discourse of sequential threads

Prince Phillip has died
Our dog died
Good morning, Sunshine: beck starts her bad bad bad day

Yeah, that does sound like the start of a bad day.

Why is Boston called “Beantown”?
Roaches and cocoa

Not to mention tea, Puritans and the Red Sox. Just connect the dots.

Our Dog Died.

Prince Phillip has died.

The Queen needs to start playing her country and western records backwards.

Anyone else noticing more homeless people?
So…When Does the Great Antarctic Land Grab Start?

What are you snacking on right now?
Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Today in nature I saw
Pandemic allows Welsh goats to implement plan for world domination

Perhaps… this was their plan all along!

Pandemic allows Welsh goats to implement plan for world domination

Ridiculous add-ones pushed by car dealers

Free goat with every purchase!

Your experience with PODS, storage, relocation services, etc. Need answer fastish.
Are Aliens Visiting Earth?

“What? We have Pods – just ask Kevin McCarthy. And we abduct, uh, relocate people all the time.”

Why are Christian Bookstores Allowed to Ban Books?
It’s a win for Amazon!

Amazon strangely has no problem with Christian bookstores banning books.

What - if anything - excites you?
My Animal Religion Theory

The prospect of being Messiah at the head of a vast army of opossums excites me greatly.

What’s the worst thing conservatives have to fear?
Andrew Yang updates

They’re terrified of him.

Let’s Talk Alcohol
What happened to the Nine Rings?

One sip of Ballantine and I’m seeing triple.

Restroom doors
Have you ever screamed? Have you ever heard someone scream?

All that screaming when I went into the ladies’ room was a bit disconcerting, but they calmed down when I explained that I was working for the Census.

Why are there “Massage Parlors” in the Unites States?
Earthly rewards in the Bible

He works in not-so-mysterious ways.

In the dustbin of our cultural history
Bernie Madoff is dead

Tell us an interesting random fact you stumbled across
U.S. Losing War on Drugs: 29% Increase in Drug Deaths in Latest Year

Interesting … and slightly horrifying.

Making Fun of Someone’s Name?
Prince Philip has died

“The Philip Formerly Known As Prince” has died. What a silly name! I bet he had to change it by poll deed just so people would think he was a royal! LOL!

What to say to parents of very ill infant?
Let’s talk appliance colors

They’ll appreciate the distraction.

Educational Methods Used On You, Which Would Not Fly Today

Mafia Hit Man?

Saving an aircraft from salt water
Key lime pie?

Protects well. But the seats get sticky and it attracts too many rodents.