When in discourse of sequential threads

Clueless white guy asks another race-related question
What can I do with old bedsheets?

I’m gonna say “not that.”

No way I can top that, but let’s see:

Which came first, life or DNA?

Wearing an adult onesie.

I think that’s the final life-stage, actually.

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Just how busy are the British royal family?

If you know what I mean.

More Jokes
Attorneys And Physicians Are Beautiful People

Hahahaha! Good one!

How to achieve immortality?
Non Slip Socks for Dogs

Meh, that might be worth a plaque at PetSmart. On the other hand, they’re carving a new profile on Mount Rushmore for the Thundershirt guy.

Weirdest names you’ve ever heard
Cataract Surgery

She married Gastric Bypass, and they had a whole bunch of minor procedures.

New Zealand is the World’s Oldest Continuous Democracy

New Zealand is an evil colonialist country

The Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde of countries, in fact.

Seeking Netflix Anime recommendations

Top Chef Season 18 - Portland

I know reality shows often switch things up in later seasons, but this is ridiculous.

The Bundys are at it again.
They’re letting Bill Cosby out of prison

Oh, those Bundys!

My ex was so dumb they thought
New Zealand is the world’s oldest continuous democracy

I just got back from Abkhazia. Ask me anything!
Ok whos the asshole here?

Ok whos the asshole here?
Our New Boy!

Oh, you’re gonna be great parents.

“I can’t…(fill in the blank)
How do I find a competent electrician for my house?

Hire someone who doesn’t have “I can’t…(fill in the blank)” on their business card.

Entirely Benign, Appropriate Things That Make You Seethe
Insulin discovered in 1921

Up to 20 lbs of poop!
Lake Mead at 36% of Capacity

We should encourage more visitors to make up the shortfall.

Your experiences with other message boards
Entirely Benign, Appropriate Things That Make You Seethe

They’re not nearly as good

Just woke up at 4:30 am SCREAMING from a horrible nightmare
Question about teens wearing pajama pants

Pretty scary, but not as frightening as Hillary Clinton in a onesie.

Why is the SDMB membership declining, and what’s the best way to add younger members?
NEW! Speak to me in Movie quotes

Well, it’s bound to be more appealing to the younger generation than “Identify this silent film through charades”.

Today (July 12 2021) is the 125th Anniversary of Revere Beach
What’s noteworthy about your day in the MMP?

The hard part of money laundering
Could we put humans on Mercury?

If you really want the money to be untraceable, it has to go through Mercury.

Don’t ask me why.