When in discourse of sequential threads

We’re all in the mood for a melody
The Psychotic States of America

Makes for a helluva national anthem.

What are the biggest differences between the US and Canada?
Your sleep habits/routines

They’re different in the winter and summer due to the latitude.

What is the first sentence from the book you are currently reading?
A formidible Azerbaijani chopping tool!

The Essential SWAT Team Kitchen doesn’t mince words.

Help my cat poop
Spackling the Crack of Dawn- An Early MMP

Couldn’t you wait till Home Depot opened?

Pet pictures!

Help my cat poop

I know people like pix of cats, but I think that image is crossing the line.

Post Colonial Nosedive
Britney Spear’s ‘Diagnosis’?

Few people realize that her decline started after she left the British Empire.

Pear shape bodies with large upper arms
Which Olympic event do you find the most impressive?

I’m torn between the shotput and synchronized swimming. But nothing beats the beach ball-shaped human 200 meter steeplechase.

Concentration Camps
Who’s missing that you really want to see on the Board


Today in nature I saw
The Evil “Ex”

Male pigs and corkscrew shaped penises
Clown Faces Painted On Eggs

:musical_note: These are a few of my unfavorite things :notes:

How shall we define fascism ?
Mandatory Vaccination

Breaking news: Where does all that water go?
Stupid dream

Check the sheets.

When to Worry About Memory?
Remembering ‘Gotcha Ya’

Forgetting that would be a blessing.

Who’s missing that you really want to see on the Board?
Counting dinosaurs, and my car

I wouldn’t mind seeing Stegosaurus back to post about his favorite plant munchies. But your car just rumbles and spews exhaust, phooey.

Breaking news: Where does all that water go?
You think you’re in Las Vegas - but you’re not!

Newspaper headline: Climate change leaves tourists baffled as they find a large, yet-to-be-named lake where Las Vegas used to be

Without answers, why religion?
Elon Musk will save the world!

Tell us an interesting random fact you stumbled across
Single Solid Yellow Centerlines on CANADIAN Roads

For even more excitement, visit the Highway Sign Museum in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

How Can We Reduce the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?
What would happen if we covered all the oceans with white stuff?

If we don’t clean up the garbage pretty soon we’ll find out!

Dammit, I was going to post that one. But I scrolled through the thread first. :grinning:

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