When is the last time you ate at Waffle House?

As a follow up to “When is the last time you ate a hot dog?,” “When is the last time you ate liver and onions?,” “When is the last time you at creamed beef on toast (shit on a shingle)?,” and “When is the last time you drank egg nog?” and “When is the last time you ate circus peanuts?”

My family just returned from a 3000+ mile, 16-day road trip down to south Florida from our humble abode in West Michigan. Once we got south of the border (the Michigan border, that is), the highways became peppered with those famous yellow “Waffle House” signs. But, being from the mitten state, we aren’t graced with these wondrous greasy spoons, and so we don’t have much opportunity to eat there.

It dawned on me during this trip that it’s been quite a while since I partook in a meal at the WH. Like over a decade. My kids, both being under 10, have never eaten there. My dad and stepmom, however, just informed me they eat there every Christmas (in South Carolina).

So when’s the last time you ate at a Waffle House?

Not since I lived in the midwest. So almost 20 yrs ago.

Never been.

Ain’t fixin’ to go either. I don’t know where one is.

I live in the midwest, and I have to wait til we’re driving to Georgia or Florida to get my Waffle House fix.

Here’s a 3D map… None in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan… a couple in southern Indiana (which the residents will tell you is really Kentucky). Maybe that’s the midwest to some people…

Hey, Waffle House! You need to give some love to Northeners.

It’s been at least 7 or 8 years ago. I’m not a fan of Waffle House. I much rather go to IHop or Denny’s.

We eat at Waffle House on vacations when it’s the most convenient option.

I’m pretty sure I have eaten at one, but I could be mistaken. Would have been back in the 1970s or 1980s if so, or even earlier.

My daughter and I went to one last summer, just to say we’d eaten at a Waffle House, when we drove SW a bit to see the eclipse in KY. I’ve never seen one around here (in Western PA), and I’ve never been to one before or since.

I was visiting out of town when I went to Waffle House. I don’t think there are any in my city. They had a fried egg and bacon sandwich on raisin toast that I loved. I’ve asked a local diner here to replicate it. Yum.

Only one encounter. Dove hunt with ex, Eloy, AZ, 1993. No other options available for breakfast food.

What I remember: Nothing resembling a vegetable could be had for love nor money. An omelet with cheese was the only sane choice.

I watched the omelet being made. Start with a ladle full (!!) of oleo on the grill. Lay down the eggs. Lay down the Kraft American cheese on top of the egg skid. Roll it up.

Meanwhile, another ladle full of oleo to [del]soak[/del] fry the hash browns.

When all is appropriately saturated, slither the omelet onto the platter alongside the hash browns, place a decorative dent in the omelet and top with a scoop of congealed oleo masquerading as butter. As the oleo knob slides off the omelet and into the hash browns, deftly place 4 neat white bread toast triangles onto the plate after painting them generously with… oleo.

Not my breakfast. I went hungry.

The only other things I remember about that trip are a debilitated, musky motel room and meeting a friend of a friend who raised fighting cocks. The banjos never stopped twanging.

Ain’t no Waffle House in my neck of the woods. Ain’t never been one neither. So never.

They don’t have them in my part of the country. However, when I was in Florida, I did notice they were as common there as Starbucks are in the Pacific Northwest.

Probably within the last 2-3 years. You have to go pretty far to find one. Mmm. Now I want some.

My parents winter in Florida, and depending on where they’re staying any given year, there’s a Waffle House not too far away. I know we’ve gone there for breakfast in the last 5 years.

5 - 7 years ago at near the Atlanta convention center.

They are all over in Dallas. What I’ve found is there is no consistency. Some are decent while others are gross.

The last time I went, I ordered a pecan waffle. While eating my waffle, I see the cook reach into the waffle batter (the same waffle batter he made mine from) with a spoon, and pull out a baseball size chunk that was hard as a rock and throw it in the trash.

I will NEVER eat at Waffle House again.

Also, try asking for a manager at a WH. There isn’t one!

Jim Gaffigan has eaten at Waffle House

Roughly 20 years ago we stopped for breakfast after driving 12 hours. I was pretty shaky after the long drive. Every time someone walked into the restaurant, every waitress yelled, “good morning!”. It took all the control I had left to not melt down into a rage.

So has Anthony Bourdain.

I ate at one less than a month ago. I greatly enjoyed it and wish we had one closer to my location. With that being said, it did seem remarkably overpriced to my thrifty nature.

Within the last year or two, maybe. It happens on road trips.

Waffle House got super exciting earlier this year. For a while I wasn’t sure if I should start hanging out there more just for the adventure, or never set foot near one ever again.