When is the last time you thanked a veteran?

I had bought a bunch of suncatchers to sell at a flea market to try and make some extra money. Suncatchers are fake stain glass objects that you put in a window. They can have animals on them or messages etc. Anyway, I had some that were military oriented. I particularly had 3 that had the emblem POW and IIRC, they said “You are not forgotten” or something like that. I only sold 2 of the 3 and they were to people who had a relative that had been a POW. They wanted to give them as a gift. I was not successful and ended packing the box up and throwing them in the trunk of the car and basically forgetting about them.

Well one day I was coming out of the doctors office and I seen a car with an older man sitting in the drivers seat. He had to be in his mid to late 70’s. The license tag caught my eye it had said POW. So, I dig in the trunk of my car and come out with the suncatcher that was black and white (the POW one) and I approach the car. He was caught off guard by me. I leaned over the drivers side window and just told the man that I had noticed his POW tag on his car and wanted to tell him thank you and you are not forgotten and that I had a gift for him. I slipped the suncatcher in his hand and he looked down at it and tears started to well up in his eyes. He said thanks and I patted him on the shoulder and left it at that. He was overcome with emotion and couldn’t say much.

So when is the last time you thanked a veteran? I would also like to add for those that have served or are serving or whatever the case may be, thank you so much for doing so.

We went to DC for the 20th anniversary of the Wall. My husband (Combat Marine - Vietnam) was hugged and kissed so many times, I was going to have an extra bed brought up to our room! There was a group of women there whose children committed suicide as a result of their war experience. So sad for them.

Anyway, to answer the OP, I always try to remember…it means so much to my husband when others thank him.