When is the zeitgeist going to swing back to women having a full, natural bush?

The whole bikini wax, landing strip and stripped bare aesthetic seems kind of stark and cold.

Isn’t natural better? Isn’t it time to let the garden grow?


Hopefully never.

Goddam, Astro, I ask myself this question every freaking day. I’ve given up on modern porn. It’s stricly vintage for me.

My wife does the gardening, and so I don’t know about waxes and strips. But, where we are, if she lets the bush grow, it gets prickly and birds will sometimes nest. Also, mushrooms start to grow down beneath. And if it gets too bushy and sticks out too far, the mailman has complained that it gets in his way when he is coming.

Hope this answers your questions.

+1. Color Climax FTW!


…should post more often. :smiley:

The guys that are responding to this with a “hell, yeah, vintage all the way, bring back the natural bush,” don’t realize that even the “natural” ones they see from back in the day still involve an annoying and time consuming amount of work. Sure, there’s more hair, but it’s still well-groomed/shaped. Believe me, you would not like to see the fur bikini I (and most women) would be sporting if we were to go totally natural. I’m sorry, but it’s just not attractive.

I’m seeing more and more porn stars grow out the bush. Not completely full, but good enough for me. I’m tired of bald women. My girlfriend however insists on keeping it very trim. I keep trying to convince her to let it grow full, but I’m getting nowhere.

That’s one damned lucky mailman. Privileged, even, you might say! :dubious:

Hopefully never

:confused: I run with hippies. I see lots of unshaven, unwaxed, unplucked women. Their pubic hair looks just like the full bushes in my dad’s old Playboy’s.

First one to say “Cite?” loses a testicle.

Nobody likes to talk about it, I know, but sometimes a hair would get stuck on the adhesive of a maxi-pad and who needs that.

Bald is beautiful!

There’s a huge difference between full and shaped bushes and natural ones. If you do, in fact see women whose bushes look just like the ones in the old Playboys, I guarantee you that they’re, at least, shaped. How can you be absolutely sure that the women don’t even trim? I don’t know a single woman who would be able/comfortable to wear a swimsuit without at least a small trim. I have no problem with the natural thing; however, I do think that it looks absolutely nasty to see pubes poking out around the leg holes of a swimsuit. Does anyone really not have a problem with that? Am I just hairier than most girls? I would be perfectly elated if I had literally no hair on my body from the neck down. Shaving, plucking, waxing, whatever is such a time-consuming pain in the ass! My legs I’ll let go a little longer, as the hair is mostly light colored (hell I don’t shave for most of the winter unless I’m wearing a skirt or a dress, but I do keep the pits shaved. It just seems cleaner and allows the Clinical Strength Secret to do a better job.

BTW, I think I’d be a huge fan of manscaping.

My boyfriend loves my natural untrimmed bush. It’s a turn-on for him. I am really lucky!! I’m glad I don’t have to go through this unnecessary grooming ritual to cater to mens’ strange hangups which they develop by watching too much modern porn*.

*I don’t want to hear “it has nothing to do with porn, I just like it trimmed/bald.” No. Do you think that 100+ years ago - before men saw images of bald crotches regularly from age 13 on - that men preferred it trimmed, or asked their women to trim? I doubt it even crossed their minds. It’s just ingrained in modern mens’ minds because the first naked woman they ever see in a sexually provocative light (Playboy, porn, whatever) is shaved, and most subsequent naked women they see are shaved, so anything that is different is odd/strange/a turn-off to them (except for enlightened men like my boyfriend!!)

Don’t give me this “has to be maintained” line. I’m not some teen-ager who hasn’t seen the world. I’m nearly 40 years old and I’ve been on a first-name basis with totally natural bushes, and I’m not talking photographs. When I say “I like natural” I mean I like natural.

You think we’re seeing this on television? If they trimmed, we’d be there when they did it.

I second this fandom. I can’t even stand myself untrimmed.

I wish society were as accepting as you and I agree that, in general, natural is better; however, do you at least agree that, at the very least, pubes poking out of a swimsuit is not a good look?

I don’t shave or shape these days, so in the interest of science and this thread I checked things out downstairs just now since I can’t say I pay much attention to how it all looks otherwise. I do shave my thighs, so I can’t comment on that, but the, er, area in question doesn’t appear to be offensive at all and I wear bathing suits just fine (though if it’s small enough to show my pubes, it’s too small to wear…maybe I have prudish swimsuits?). It’s a fluffy little red 'fro (no cites) and while it might not be up to modern day porn standards, it suits me just fine. I’m not of remarkably furry genetic stock, but surely there are others who can go totally natural without looking like Bigfoot.

I don’t know when the trend will shift towards a more natural look, but I don’t think it necessarily takes a lot of effort to maintain one’s bush.