When It's Night Time In Azeroth....

… do you dim the lights in the room you’re in with your game?

I did that last night and it kinda set the mood, you know? Plus there was hardly anyone in Goldshire so me and the lady who was there table-danced together, before I went upstairs.

She wasn’t with me when I woke up this morning, so I reckon I didn’t get lucky!:smiley:

Anyway, just wondered if y’all do anything special to set up your play-time?



Well, I have been known to make an offering (of various types) to the Gods of War before or during a gaming session. Fortunately, Azeroth has no law against CWI*

*CWI=Casting While Intoxicated

I was drinking Ichabod Ale while we did the headless horseman tonight. I figured it helped.:smiley:

Was that why that guy was yelling all that bad poetry at me, and why I am now wearing a pumpkin on my head that I cannot seem to pull off?



OMG, yes! The Horseman is one community-theater production of Mommie Dearest away from chewing a hole through the fabric of the virtual world. I had to listen to that doggerel at least 20 times tonight.

I have to admit, Quasi, that I thought the thread was going to be asking “When it’s night time in Azeroth, why isn’t it daytime in Kalimdor?” and then I would have had to smack you in the back of the head for overthinking the damn game.

It bothers my eyes to play on the computer in a dark room for any real length of time, but I usually don’t have any trouble getting immersed in the game as long as there isn’t anything else going on in the room.

Well, my fanwank for this is: “Clearly because we’re only seeing one part of Azeroth. After all, there has to be another continent where the Pandarens and that Asian weapons trainer in Stormwind came from.” :wink:

Yup, that’s the guy.

And I now have an awesome helm that cackles in the horseman’s voice whenever I want.

Oooooh my friends are gonna hate me.

Jayjay I am not yet sophisticated a gamer enough to ask such a question.:slight_smile:

Currently I am still soloing till I get more of a “feel” for the game, and I am bypassing the Brotherhood of Thieves till I get a little more training. (They tend to double-team me)…

Still hoping to see some of y’all in Cairn, but I think I am coming in at the wrong times of day…



In Westfall? What class are you?

Stormwind. My realm is A-something (can never remember the name, but it’s always full). Warrior Class - Human. Elwynn Forest.

Ah, okay. My suggestion is to learn a missile weapon. Thrown is best, since you only ever have to buy one stack of throwing knives, as they reset to 200 whenever you get them repaired. All you’re looking for is something to pull singles, so you don’t really have to get really, really good with the Thrown. Even a miss will pull. The problem is that proximity is going to pull from a wider radius than a throwing knife, so when you Charge the single, his buddy from around the corner is going to twig to your presence.

You WILL lose the extra 9 rage that you get from Charge, but it’s usually a good tradeoff if you find yourself facing multiples all the time from proximity.

Thanks for the advice. I just was able to learn a battle shout, so that will give you some idea of how much money I have. I am currently fighting kobold workers.

I had achieved a level 10 before with the help of a friend Paladin, but then I had trouble downloading the game and I had to start all over…

I am having fun with the game however, and am enjoying my Nelf and my orc…

Thank goodness for that! Otherwise half my Guild would be in the Stockades. :slight_smile:
Though things can get a bit hairy if the Pally Tank and the Boomkin (real-life couple) have had a few glasses of wine before an heroic. :eek:

As for turning down the lights; no – I play on a US server so it’s almost always night in Azeroth. It’s quite weird when I go to my alts on an Oceanic server and there is actual daylight in WoW.

Because I almost always play at night I hardly ever see what Azeroth looks like in the daytime. The few times I’ve logged on during the day everything looks WEIRD … .

I usually play with the lights off & I can do so because my keyboard lights up.

I am having a BALL playing WoW, and I appreciate you kids helping me out!

I’m up to Level 5 Human Warrior Alextrashia in Stormwind, and even though I’m gettin’ killed now and then, I still love the game.

Somebody made me a part of his group and really helped me out! Thanks group that starts with a “K”!

Got some stuff to do in Farragone Deep right now…

Question: If I re-set my computer to an earlier date, am I likely to lose my WoW downloads?



I believe the WoW patcher looks at the file contents (or hashes of that) rather than the date. So reseting your computer’s clock should not affect it.

If you’re new to WoW and would like to join a guild of fellow Dopers, check out the Burning Dog Legion. We’re a Horde guild on the Cairne server. If you “/join SDMB” once you have a character there, mention you’re a Doper and someone will hook you up.


Since the day periods in Azeroth are always 12 hours, no. Having artificial lighting that high when it’s day in Azeroth but not so bright irl would hurt my eyes real fast. Pulling the drapes when it’s night in Azeroth and a beautiful dusk outside has to be some kind of aesthetic sin.

I’ve been informed by my brother that I play the wrong music, but I just can’t see why Rammstein wouldn’t be compatible with Dead Mines runs (I was in a level 20 toon that day).

Apollyon, if you hadn’t mentioned a US server I would’a thought you knew Hildemarypepajuana (not his toon’s name, my nick for him) et wife too :slight_smile:

Heh…I never play non-game music while I’m playing. I love the themes for the zones…I actually had ripped them from the game files at one point and had them on my MP3 player in rotation.