ATTN: Burning Dog Legion

What times are y’all usually playing?



randomly … fitting it in around EVE Online and Runes of Magic, jobhunting and medical appointments with my neuro for migraine treatment and my oncologist for that new issue that just popped up.

Thanks aruvqan. I was basically just gonna stand on the “sidelines” and watch how a guild operates before actually joining in…

Sounds like you have a full day going on. Wish you all the best, okay?

Take care


There’s people on every evening. Jump on in! (You should recognize my name(s), I’m horribly unoriginal)
Not sure about daytimes though as I’m at work.

I think there’s someone in the guild on almost any time. We cover a lot of time zones. I think the peak time is early evening east coast time.

I was there finishing up my Razor Hill quest, but got attacked by a scorpoid and didn’t have enough for a repair job, so I just went to bed! :slight_smile:

Also over in Alexstrsca (sp) I helped a level 10 Night Elf clobber a Defias Looter (he was being doubled up on) and wound up getting killed myself.

So he whispers if I want to help him, and I say sure, but I have a 6 minute rez. time so he puts up the “join group” box and I accept.

THEN he says, “Let’s Go, man!”

Well, I’m not going back with 4 minutes of rez sickness left and he kicks me out of the group.

Inexperience or OZ/ (over-zealous)?


Are you rezzing at the spirit guide? That’s the only way you get rez sickness as far as I know… If you just run back to your corpse in ghost form you should resurrect with 50% health and no sickness (basically good to go).

If it’s at all possible to get to your corpse you should pretty much always run back there as a ghost rather than talking to the Spirit Healer and accepting the rez sickness and durability hit.

As far as the BDL - the only time I’ve ever been the only person there is late at night (like after 3am). You’ll pretty much always find at least one of us on. 7-10pm ET is probably the “peak hours”.

Yes, I rez with the healer, but question: Okay, I usually wait out the whole 6 minutes.

Am I back to normal after that - because, I seem to be getting killed quicker when I come out of rez…

So the 6 minutes wait time doesn’t cure me?

Also, the reason I donm’t go look for my corpse is because I got horribly lost one time and couldn’t find my body OR a healer, so someone from this thread if ours told me rto drown myself…

Now that I have a few more levels, maybe I’ll try the find your corpse thing again



Rez sickness lasts 10 minutes, not 6, unless something has changed recently.

At low levels, it’s still ramping up to the full ten. Initially there isn’t any rez sickness at all. They break you in softly.

Well, I’m a 16 and when I accept the healer’s deal (by Stealer’s Wheel) there’s a little timer that pops up and counts backward from 6 min.

See, that’s why I asked if, when I reach the end of those 6 minutes, I’m okay to fight, or is there still a monkey on my back… :wink:


Well, you’re sort of OK – your stats will be back to their regular levels – but bear in mind that your health/mana will still be at the lower levels caused by your rez sickness stats. So be sure to eat/drink after the timer expires to get back to full health/mana.

P.S. - you can also check your character stats (press the “C” key). If your Strength, Int, etc., numbers are all in red, that means your stats are still reduced due to the rez sickness. However, once the rez sickness timer is completely up, those stats should be back to normal (not displayed in red any longer).

Anything that negatively affects your character will be displayed in the same area that the little rez sickness icon is. They’re called “debuffs”, and the game is very good about telling you when you have them and what they’re doing to you. If nothing’s there, you’re back to normal.

The only long-term damage done by rez sickness is that each time you get it, it takes an extra-heavy toll on your gear’s condition. If you haven’t repaired between several of them, some of it might be down at zero durability, meaning you’ll be punching baddies instead of swinging a sword, and that nice shiny armor that used to improve your hitpoints won’t be protecting anything except your modesty.

Tossing some funds at your friendly neighborhood armorcrafter, gunsmith, harness maker or the like can get everything fixed up good as new, though. There’s very, very little in the way of permanent penalties in WoW.

By the by - rez sickness can get very costly, from the extra repair bills it causes. A reasonably equipped max-level character could be looking at upwards of 30 gold just for pushing that button. Unless you’re in a real time crunch, it’s generally worth your while to run back, as a ghost, to your corpse (the map has a guiding arrow to help you find it) and possess yourself back to life rather than to ask the graveyard angel to do the service for you. I’m sure she means well, but it really eats into one’s spending money :wink:

The 6 minutes is your original notification that you will be resurrected in 6 minutes if you don’t release. This is not the same as rez sickness. I’ve actually never waited out the 6 minutes to see what happens.

There’s no rez sickness before level 11. At level 11, it lasts one minute. An additional minute is added for each level you gain, until it maxes out at 10 minutes at level 20 and beyond.

A level 16 character does, in fact, have 6 minute rez sickness.

The forced release timer is something else. All it does is keep you from lingering around as a corpse indefinitely, stinking up the place.

The Dagger Hills Cemetery is located in such a way that if I am not severely damaged, then I need to give all the 17 and 18 Defias thugs a VERY wide berth.

If I am almost totally red. I just hearth-stone out from there.

I have a question, and please take this with a grain of salt, okay?

Can In-Game Mods “see us”?

Like over near Sentinel Hill, there’s this logging saw-mill kinda thing with an inn next to it?

And the proprietress just kinda stands there even though she’s PVP?

Well, I kinda feel sorry for her so I bow and wave sometimes before I go to bed.


I mean is somebody watching me do that shit?

Not that I care if they were. I bow and wave to a lot of RP’s. Especially if they help …



No, Quasi, they cannot see you. They, like the trees and the animals, are just decoration. But the joys of this game lie in our imaginations, and if it pleases you to wave to her, by all means enjoy it. I think you might really enjoy playing on a role playing server, based upon some of the other things you’ve talked about. But one caution: it can sometimes get tricky, even for healthy people, to distinguish between imagination and real life, especially in a game like this.

Thanks, ** wonderlust**. That’s why I walk sometimes, instead of running - so that I can see what’s up ahead.

I think I could help in the diplomtic corps, if needed.

Also, please don’t misunderstand me, okay?

I love questing! It just takes me a bit longer.