When Monty Python Attacks.

So I’m watching this special about military aircraft. Right now they’re talking about the Apache helicopter. They were saying how it hugs the ground and sneaks up on its target, popping up from below the tree line.

The quote from the special: “Surprise is its chief weapon.”

And the very first goddamned thing that went through my mind was, of course: …

“Nobody expects the Apache helicopter. Surprise is its chief weapon … And fear … Surprise and fear … fear and surprise … Its two weapons are fear and surprise … and ruthless efficiency … Its three weapons are fear, surprise and ruthless efficiency … and an almost fanatical devotion to George W. Bush … Its four … no … Amongst its weapons are such elements as fear, surprise … Oh, it’ll just attack again.”

I love you, Jack Batty.




[sub]how do you like me now? Smilie flood, ugh, I hate myself[/sub]

I don’t love you anymore, Jack Batty. Three smilies? You should hate yourself.

Sorry, Jack, couldn’t help myself. Been pickin’ nits all day. :wink: