When my friend breaks wind in company...

… he tries to blame it on me. :o

He has tried blaming others: “bad dog!” (but then I don’t have a dog).

I did hear that a Japanese company was bringing out a fart detector. :cool:

But my question to you is simple.

Is there any way to prove who just dropped that stinker?

I realise DNA requires a cell or two (although some of my friend’s emittances are so powerful that I wouldn’t be surprised if he was blowing a few cells out as well). :eek:

This is an important social question and I thank you for your interest.

Under very limited circumstances (ie, indoors and windless) here’s how I envision the proof:

The group must separate. A neutral party (not with the group when the offense occurred) must be immediately called in. The neutral party must sniff the butts of all group members. I’d guess some residual fart smell would cling to the clothes of the offender.

Insist that all social gatherings be held in swimming pools.

Perhaps you need some friends who are over the age of twelve?

Thanks to all who dared to reply.

that would work, but takes manpower. Actually it’s a good argument for a dog…

you must know how Fleming felt when he discovered penicillin. Brilliant! :smiley:
I can’t afford a swimming pool, but a plastic paddling pool is well within budget.
No more mistaken identity…

Fretful Porpentine,
I hope you’re not suggesting that Englishmen of mature age have the mental reflexes of children when it comes to farting.
Considering we love pantomime, where women dress up as men and the adult audience shouts louder than the kids - OK you’ve got a point.
(Behind you!)

Never ever acknowledge that you smell a fart.

He who smelt it dealt it.

I’m with Knead, smeller is the feller.

Think about how you’d have to TRAIN the dog…

:confused: :confused: :confused: :eek: :smack: :smiley: