When the artist and song title rhyme with each other

Examples: “All About Soul” by Billy Joel, “Can I Put You On” by Elton John, “With or Without You” by U2, “Sometimes You Just Can’t Win” by Loretta Lynn

BONUS-when the artist and song title have the same number of syllables.
Examples: “Night and Day” by Mel Torme, “Black and White” by Three Dog Night

What can you come up with?

“Hocus Pocus” by Focus.

“Uma Cura” by Sepultura

The Rolling Stones - Miss Amanda Jones
The Who - Who Are You

And of course, the bonus of all bonuses,

Bad Company - “Bad Company” (the song name is acutally the band’s name VERBATIM)

Steve Perry, “Oh Sherry”.

In the same vein: Prince - “My Name Is Prince”

If you’re going to do this the easy way, you may as well cite “In a Big Country” by Big Country.

These aren’t rhymes though,are they?

Tom Paxton–Crazy John.

Syllables and rhymes

Radiohead - Pop Is Dead

Placebo - Little Mo

In that vein:

“Yellow Balloon” by Yellow Balloon
“Van Dyke Parks” by Van Dyke Parks
“Hey Bo Diddley” by Bo Diddley

Back to more like the OP:

“Media Man” by Flash and the Pan
“Tennessee Jed” by the Grateful Dead

Yeah… And “This Is Radio Clash” by The Clash.

That’s it. You’re on my List now :wink:

Fine, so I don’t have my iPod with me and I’m doing this from memory, so I thought I’d take the low hanging fruit first. And the title has to end with the artist/band name, so it’s not quite so low hanging as it might seem. Plus, I did give two non-identity rhymes as well…

Still, to win back your good graces, how about Brenda Lee - “I’m Sorry”? That’s a syllable count match too!

Yesterday has been covered by Donnie Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Gordon Macrae, and Liberace.

FUCKING A!!! This is exactly what I came in to post. I remember as a kid thinking that was such a hilarious combination.