When you type the letter "P" into your address bar, what's the first suggestion that comes up?

Well? Poll is anonymous. (Heh)



Are my top 3.

The name of my company begins with ‘P,’ and that’s what comes up.

Yeah, but we know something about your browsing habits now.

Puce. Because of a recent thread here that was talking about colors.

eta: It’s weird. I just went through the entire alphabet and P is the only letter that didn’t produce a website as its top suggestion.


I read it every week.

I suspect everyone’s answers would be very different if not for private browsing…

My top three are penny-arcade.com, blogs.sciencemag.org/pipeline, and www.planetary.org/blogs. Together, those make a nice cross-section of how I spend my time on a computer. (without private browsing…)

province def

pepperjamnetwork (dot) com

A link here on the SDMB today somehow got sent to the marketing partner (pepperjamnetwork) instead of the intended link. I had never heard of that site before. So now it’s in my address bar history.

I’m on my work PC. Now, if I had done this test from my personal machine…


It’s a linux distro.

penguinrandomhouse dot com.

Was reading a review of “Shylock is my Name” in the last few days and went to the publisher’s website to look for more books in the series.

LOL. I’m… uh… asking for a “friend”.


I’ve been planning a trip.

A local news service… www.caymannewsservice.com is the second suggestion. Not sure why since no letter p in that.


packerforum.com I am a moderator there and check in several times a day to kick out trolls and babysit. It is kept family friendly.


One of my “Check several times a day” sites.