Where Can I Buy Art Deco Stuff For Cheap?

My wife has finally relented-I am now allowed to redecorate our living room!
Having always been a fan of art deco, I now have a free hand!
My living room is fairly small (about 20’ x 40’), and includes a fireplace (marble tiled), and a few stained glass windows.
I would like to put in some chrome/glass sconces, some chandeliers, and art decofy the fireplace. I’d also like to replace the 6 panel fron door with a art deco plain wood door (with a porthole).
Anybody know a good website where I can buy lamps, carpets, furniture, in art deco style?
I already have the wall covered-I have a beautiful B&W print of the Chrysler Building!

Unfortunately most good Art Deco stuff is expensive. Before they started to suck, eBay had a good selection of Art Deco stuff, but I haven’t checked there in ages. I would suggest buying a few books on the movement so you get an idea of how grand it really was…

I collect Art Deco bakelite desk sets and a couple of other things.

The collector market has had deco, moderne, and 1920s-'40s styles sewn up tight for close to forty years now, I regret to say. That stuff was expensive before you were (probably) even born. Look at Antiques Roadshow for awhile and you’ll see tin toy trucks and Mickey Mice that cost more than any Roman coin.

Part of it has to do with how little of the stuff got made in the first place. A lot more has to do with how seriously out of style it got in the 50s and after - it was a reminder of an era no one wanted to be reminded of, and was usually trashed with a vengeance.

I know my own parents took a shine to it around 1972-'73 and even then found it impossible to afford on two modest white-collar incomes. They scored a couple of ashstands and a Coke cooler and then gave up.

Are you searching craigslist?
It’s hit and miss (and a lot more miss than hit), but stuff shows up.