Where can I get the set of underwear Jamie Lee wears in True Lies

I think the title says it all really. And of course I don’t mean the set she wears - just one like it.

Seriously though - I have googled and couldn’t find anything and don’t know enough about lingerie to search specifically for the type of style that she wears during her dancing scene infront of Arnold.

I just know my wife would look stunning in a set like that for Xmas so if any more knowledgeable dopers could :

a) tell me what style of underwear it is so I can search more effectively or
b) give me a link to where I can find them

my wife will be very grateful. Or rather I will be exceptionally grateful on Christmas day when I get to unwrap her from my present :smiley:

If its against board rules to promote specific vendors/products … please accept my apologies and I’ll just settle for what style they were.


Whew … I don’t think I’m the only one who thought we might have an overeager collector on our hands.

Is there even a market for used celebrity underwear:confused:

Actually - if there is … I just don’t want to know thankyouverymuchindeed!

Do you mean what she’s wearing in these pictures? http://members.fortunecity.com/oops96/oops_jamie_lee_curtis_tl.html
It looks to me like a demi-cup bra with a regular old thong. You should be able to get similar stuff at any lingerie store.

Nice present, by the way. I always love getting lingerie!

I just want to add that I used to work at a lingerie store, and men would often bring pictures from magazines or catalogs hoping to find something similar for their wives or girlfriends. I would not have found it odd at all if you printed a pic of Jamie Lee in the outfit you like off of the internet and took it with you to a lingerie store. It can be helpful for the sales associate to be sure she is finding you the right stuff.

A description of said underwear would be helpful for those of us who didn’t see the movie or don’t remember the scene.

Said Underwear

Maybe not worksafe - depends on your workplace policy of looking at scantily clad celebrities mid-pole dance :wink:

Elret - Thanks for your idea of taking a photo in - I would probably not have thought of doing that funnily enough.

Now all I need is an excuse should my wife find me with photo’s of JLC in my pockets !!! :dubious:


Originally posted by Thin Ice
A description of said underwear would be helpful for those of us who didn’t see the movie or don’t remember the scene.

If you don’t remember the underwear, you didn’t see the movie. Period. Hot and hilarious at the same time. Now THAT’S acting!