Where can if find Jolt cola?

I have looked everywhere for this holy grail of sugary drinks and found none,is my only option ordering a case direct?
BTW,i live in Houston so if anyone knows of a store feel free to drop names.

I was just wondering about this last Thursday.

I usually see it at H-E-B. Y’all got those in Houston, right?

Yup,we have HEBs all right.

Only problem is that the one near me doesn’t carry jolt apparently,I guess i’ll have to check some more.

My local Hardings carries a shelf or two of it, including the more obscure brands, such as Cherry Jolt (tastes very flat, but, by God, after the third swallow, you’re too freaking wired to care).

Take your pick of the flavors!

Ok weird thing about that site is this little disclaimer:

Note: We Cannot Ship Any Caffeine To Sweden Or Belgium.

Huh? Is caffeine a controlled substance there or something?
Sorta strange that they would outlaw that substance but…:wink:

My local HEB carries Jolt, but it’s a largish store. (I live in San Antonio, where there is a largish HEB on every corner.) I found it in the same section with IBC bottled root beer, Stewart’s sodas, and Canfield’s chocolate fudge soda, so it’s in with the weirder varieties. You might try to find it at Central Market, which is at Westheimer and Weslayan in Houston.


If you really want a kick, have a Red Bull. I’m surprised that stuff’s even legal.

If you want to throw up, try it with vodka ;).

…Canfield’s chocolate fudge soda
This I have to try!

Try this:


Yes, they’ll ship to you. They have the most amazing collection of sodas I’ve ever seen. Including Coca-Cola made with REAL CANE SUGAR instead of corn syrup.

Check it out!

I saw that site (linked from fark.com) and looked at the Jolt and wondered the exact same thing.

According to that Galcos site, Jolt isn’t even in the caffeine section… makes you wonder what they think is caffeine! :eek: