Where did this stupid "She needs a sammich" phrase come from?

All of a sudden I see this everywhere, and the purposeful (I suppose) misspelling of “sandwich” as “sammich” really looks profoundly stupid to my eye.

Yes, it’s a dumb thing to complain about, I know. But it really irks me for some reason. Is it just me?

No clue, though I first noticed it on the FARK boards a few months ago. I’m sure it dates well, well before that.

The phrase “She needs a piece of cake” or “Have a piece of cake” has been around for many years, in my neck of the woods. It comes from some comic, maybe Denis Leary, who exclaimed, “Have a piece of cake, Slappy!”

They are different creatures. A sandwich is a layered composite of bread, meat/meat substitute and a variety of vegetables and spices. A sammich is a sandwich that is so utterly delightful, so wonderously scrumptious, that you can actually invision yourself eating one as you type. Therefore, you misspell because your mouth is full of tastey sammich.

A cookie is just a cookie, but Fig Newtons are fruit and cake.

We wrote an article in my senior edition of our high school paper entitled “Sammiches.” That was in May '04. It had been a pretty popular phrase around the newsroom for a few months before that, IIRC.


Sure it’s kinda stupid, that’s why I use it. And I also get lost trying to spell sandwich for some reason.

Sammich sammich sammich

I’ve heard it used by standups doing Elvis impersonations:

“Hey Red, gimme a fried peanut butter an’ nanner sammich.”

Off to MPSIMS.


“Sammich” is frequently the pronuciation of the word “sandwich” in much of the rural South.

At least they’re not sangwiches.

Yup. I been usin’ sammich all my life. One of my cousins used to always ask us to go to MickDonyolds so she could have a hangleburger sammich. And that was in upstate NY. When I moved to FL as a kid, everyone said sammich.

Also, in the south, all soda is “coke”. Even Pepsi.

Sorry, but that almost made me retch. I have to agree with the OP: using the word “sammich” makes you look like an utter fucking donkey.

Unless you’re John Zoidberg. Then sangwich is okay, and even encouraged.

So I take it that you’re, uh, not gonna eat your sammich?
Can I have it?

You’re not the only one. This has been a bit of a pet peeve of mine for a while… It’s the written equivalent of nails on a chalkboard, to me. It probably edges out “blog” and all the derivations thereof on my “annoying words” list.

It’s pretty popular in Oz, too.

Yungry? Jar leica sammich?

Tar, all heifer sammich. Hamsammich.

Sandwich is a blah word for a blah object.

Sammich is a yummy word for a yummy object.

Any questions?

Huh. And I thought this was going to be about Lindsay Lohan.
[sub]Really, it’s just a damn shame.[/sub]

“Sammich” makes me think of Dennis the Menace. He’s always eating peanut butter sammiches.

Mr. S and I do not have kids, and yet we routinely eat “sketti” and “tatoes” in addition to sammiches. (Well, not all together – you know what I mean!) So sue us.