Where do questions about the main site go?

I have not been able to access http://www.straightdope.com at all this morning - just getting a blank page, but boards.straightdope.com/boards is working fine - is this the appropriate place to report possible issues with the TSD homepage itself?

The moderation staff (or at least those of us who have checked our email) is aware of the problem, and the appropriate people are trying to fix it. I think that this forum is probably the right one to ask about things like this.

Yeah, Jerry’s looking at the problem on the server side, he’ll let us know soonest what’s going on.

Sorry for your inconvenience.

no worries, 1) it means it’s not my system (this time) and 2) at least the board’s still up, I just have to wait for my Weird Earl’s fix :smiley: