Where does the dopers live?

No, I’m not talking about city or state, I’m talking about country. I know that we have covered the US of A, as well as Sweden. But still, there has to be members from other than those two countries, right? :smiley:

there’s a map here somewhere, perhaps on Opal’s site?

Off the top of my head: lots from Ireland, the UK, Australia, another couple of people from Sweden, some in Germany, China (inc. Hong Kong), Japan, at least one each from Finland, Norway, Argentina, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, France. Sorry if I’ve missed anyone out!

Have a look at some more threads and note people’s location.

There’s a HUGE contingent from Australia.

And a few New Zealanders in th’ mix … :slight_smile:

Just off the top o’ me head (with a little help from Ice Wolf):
USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand (HAPPY WAITANGI DAY WOLFIE! :smiley: ), Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, Mexico, Japan, China (and Hong Kong SAR), Korea, Japan, East Timor, South Africa, Ireland, Turkey, India, Russia, Rwanda…

Great minds eh jjimm? Didn’t even see that post o’ yours. Spooky! :slight_smile:

Any dopers live in France or Guam?

Here. Scroll down until you see the map image.

One sniff of a Swedish bird and whooooooosh, before you can say ‘In like Flynn’ the Dublin contingent swoop … nothing changes …

Anybody from Georgia?

U.S. map

World Map

This hasn’t been updated in a while, but http://teemingmillions.com/maps is something that Demo set up awhile back.

Um… a lot of the…ok all of the links in that are broken at the moment. I’ll have to go fix them today.

Err… actually those buttons are swf files (???) and I have no editor for those. [when I added the free hosting to teemingmillions, I lost the ability to host subdomains on my own server, so I had to move maps.teemingmillions.com to teemingmillions.com/maps

I does live in Estonia.
But I mainly just lurk a lot, so I’m probably not a real doper. Sometimes come out of the dark and kill a thread just to watch it die.
Though I have noticed some people from Finland and Russia too.

I love those maps!

So much hard work went into them and I can see how it would be a part time job to continue to update it.

Here are a few new ones that I thought of off the top of my head. There’s a poster who is in Saudi Arabia (and not liking it) Istara who is in the United Arab Emirates. And there’s that nice girl from, I think, The Dominican Republic.

I’m in Japan but I don’t count cause I’m from the US…

However, you are acrossthesea so that has to count for something… :slight_smile:

Don’t forget our ex-mod extraordinaire, JillGat, who now resides in Trinidad and/or Tobago. Ummm, I was never too good in geography.

Hi Jill from your Soquel High School mate!!!

Hey, Beck, did you make the high school reunion this year? I didn’t. But I haven’t been to any of them or even the graduation, come to think of it.

I live in the Trinidad part of Trinidad and Tobago, and spent the last two weeks in Guyana, Antigua, St. Lucia and Barbados.

It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it…