Where in the world is Crandall Spondular?

I read Crandall’s eloquent responses quite some time ago, and thought a new chapter had opened up, but haven’t heard anything.

What’s up with Crandall Spondular these days? The last I’ve been able to find was this:

(From July)

Did the fun run out? Please sir, I’d like some more Crandall Spondular.

He got sporked.

Crandall had a number of false starts with 419 scammers, but not any very interesting ones.

In all honesty, 419 scams are a bit of a rarity in my inbox at the moment (I’m quite happy for that to continue, though)

Hey, Crandall! I would like you to know that I wrote a program for work called SPORC – I named it for you. It stands for Solar Panel Orientation Resolution Calculator.

Awesome! Crandall thanks you.