Where in the world is Matt Lauer?

Not on The Today Show. He just got fired for “inappropriate behavior.”

Wouldn’t a link be nice? Here’s one:


I guess a lot more people are shaking in their boots wondering when the ax falls on them.

They’re talking about it on GMA right now.

At the time I posted it, it was immediately after hearing it announced on the CBS morning show, which was immediately after it was announced on The Today Show. A bit difficult to link to that.

Is he doing a silly dance in Peru?

Another link.

No details yet, but apparently this isn’t an isolated incident.

Specifically it was said there was only one complaint but with information that it may not have been an isolated incident.

Who is the next “celebrity” to fall??
(Deleted, just an idiot here, move on, nothing to see here!)
OH! not belittling the victim though…its just the big picture…maybe I should just not comment :o:o

It happened during the Olympics.

Uh huh. And as long as you were at your computer posting this thread, how hard would it have been to Google for one? :dubious:

He *should *have been fired for being a crappy journalist. But this will do.

Fire the whole show! Entertainment tv is all these news shows are! :eek::mad:

NY times was already looking into his behavior . You have to wonder if the victim talked to the NY times before she turned him into NBC.

  1. It would have been 3 hard.

No shit. I’ve always detested the man.

I never could stand that smug bastard. Good riddance.

Somewhere, Ann Curry is smiling.

At the rate things are going, by about June of next year, I’ll be the only adult male in the English-speaking world who can host a talk or news show. Looking forward to it!

Nuh, uh! Not if I get one first. :smiley: