where is Contestant #3

did he get the boot?
is he on vacation?
Has anyone seen a post from him lately?
Where are you buddy?

Tread lightly, Kells-Bells. Shhhh! Don’t awaken “he who no one should name!”

(whispering)…who is ‘he who should not waken’…?

Must be the threads you’re reading. He’s posted as recently as the day before yesterday.

Dut duh duh duhhhhhhh!!

I am here fair Kelli…ready to jump to your assistance at a moment’s email…

Contestant #3

If the lady needs assistance, she’ll come to ME, c3.You know, the good-looking guy.
As for you taking a jump…

We have met the enemy, and He is Us.–Walt Kelly

Danny, you are but a mere boy…if she needs a man, she’ll call for me as she has done in the past. As for looks, you should know that they are only skin deep…however, that being said, earlier in life, I did a stint as a fashion model, being paid for my looks.

Move along…

Contestant #3

“Well, I dew declare!..Y’all say the sweetest thangs! ‘Magine that, two big strong men a’ quarrelin’ over who can be most helpfull…well,from here, you are both equally handsome!”
what a nutty bunch…I love it here!

KB– do you really NEED a man for that? Men are tits on a boarhog, superfluous. I am sick, saddened by your reliance on them. In fact, I find myself searching for the closest barf-bucket! Hell, folks, perhaps it’s JIMHO. You don’t like it? Check out the pit…

Oh yeah, and just bite me hard!

The moon looks on many flowers, the flowers on but one moon.

Cute Byz…but I know you can read, so I know that YOU know I am not out trolling for men…they were teasing each other, now I am making light of their posts…(they look handsome-I CANT SEE THEM)joke-get it…?

You wont get a fight from me Byz, I like you too much, keep trying though, its very entertaining.(Try Diane-she loves to fight!)

note to Diane-dont go all psycho now, I didnt mean anything by that, just trying to help out dear ol’ Byz! no offense meant!!!

Oh my love I can read. And looking for a fight? Yep, you bet your sweet little ass (okay, I’m assuming there!) You got me pegged!

I want some drama out here! I want something besides these oh so fucking chaste posts. I want folks to rip and hurl… or spew hot words of love. Give me some passion! Show me why you are alive! Give me and everyone else here the passion in your soul!

Men fighting over a woman. Yeah, that’s good. But I’m not the woman and that’s bad (well, from my point of view!). It’s all just fun stuff and let’s have at it!

You won’t fight with me but someone out there really wants to… let’s go, lover!

The moon looks on many flowers, the flowers on but one moon.

JFTR Kel, I don’t like to fight, I just like to poke the whiny, (I said WHINY, not HEINY) and Byz just hasn’t struck me as whiny. You can rest assured though, if she ever starts whining I’ll have to kick her ass.

Oh and remember when I said I don’t puke for just anyone? Congrats to you - reading this thread made me hurl.

I bet your vocabulary includes the words “widdle ol me” and “you big stud-muffins”. I also bet you dot your “i” with smiley faces and :::wiggle::: in chatrooms.

Come on. . . . Admit it. . . . I have a sense about these things. You do, doncha?

Byz - is that better?

Dear Scarlett O’Belli-- Now y’all know how Ah feel, tryin’ to choose between mah darlin’ Ike and Frank!

Those genl’men can certainly turn a gal’s head . . . How 'bout you and me get together and make some fudge and run up formals for the Sunday Social while we gossip about them?

Well how dew Miss Flora?

Why dont y’all come on ova afta church on Sundie, an’ I’ll serve lemonade, and we can sit on the porch in the shade?

We can watch the darkies a-workin in them cotton fields…if there is a sight to set me to the vapors, its a big darkie a-sweatin’ and a-toilin in the field…(fanning self) I feel a mite light headed!

(thanks for picking up on the reference to Scarlett!)

and jftr…I cant type fast enough for a chat room…this is as close as I get to ‘chatting’ :slight_smile:

C#3, you shouldn’t mention ‘skin’ and somebody elses age in one breath, cause that somebody might feel constrained to inform the adorable Ms. Scarlett Kellibelli that you, C#3, are merely a mass of wrinkles and liverspots.
A vast, quivering, Cthuluian mass of liverspots.

As Ah live in Tennessee, Ah ahm the Suthern Gentlmin hyarh, & ya’ll are a mere carpetbagger.
Come, Miss Kellibelli. We’uns is late fo’ the Cotillion . [And you look truly ravishing in that gown, mah deah!]

We have met the enemy, and He is Us.–Walt Kelly

Why thank you sir!..but may I be so bold? When you say ‘hyarh’…you sound like Cartman… :slight_smile:

(giggling to the point of vapors…)

Miss Scarlett, you are a treasure! One of a kind! May you grace this board forever!

As for you, C#3…a bus leaves in 15 minutes. I’ll spring for your ticket.

We have met the enemy, and He is Us.–Walt Kelly

Why thank you Eric, um, I mean Daniel!
You are most kind, a true gentleman indeed…otherwise, you would have suggested that C#3 be under that bus. :wink:

Kelli *