Where is tdn?

I miss him.

A dude can’t take a week’s vacation anymore? It’s only been since 6/11. I wouldn’t worry yet. Maybe some hot, smoking chick picked him up at a bar and…

Ok. Worry.

Actually, I think he did meet a chick… didn’t he mention that in the How Did you Know your SO was The One thread?

Yeah. He’s probably having wild monkey sex.


::checks for webcam feed::


[singing]tdn and tdn’s new honey, sittin’ in a tree … [/singing]

Uh-oh, I had him in the Doper Shirt Exchange. I hope I didn’t accidentally send him some sort of Georgia shirt-flu or something…

How dare he get a life!

pssst Bond! Bond! Get your arse over to the boards and reassure everyone!

I mean, everything is fine, nothing to worry about…

I ate him.

tdn haz a flavur?

Like turtle wax, tobacco, and yellow.

Really? I’d have thought chocolate, bacon, and blue.

tdn met a woman, and has been taking dancing lessons.

tdn is my hero.

He’s in lub. Yay!

Now now, there’s no need to be so negative.

Did you swallow?

Thanks for the concern, Dung Beetle!

I’ve been sans computer and sans girlfriend for a week. My only connection to the outside world has been my cellphone (yes, Auto, you may faint now).

I spent the week in the desert. I got hailed on on a mountain top. I spent time drinking Monk’s Ale, brewed by a real cowboy. I ate more chilis and beans than my ass could handle. I witnessed my niece turn into a Mrs. I tickled the youngest member of my family while he was wearing a tuxedo. I swam in a pool at 7,000 feet. I crossed the Rio Grande – twice – when I shouldn’t have crossed it at all. I bought Indian jewelry at the Palace of the Governors. I saw people I haven’t seen since junior high. I peed in a $42,000 bathroom. I did the rhumba with three relatives. I was introduced to the pleasures of sopaipillas. I saw rain that evaporated before it hit the ground. A lizard ran across my foot. I got accused of conspiring to hug and kiss a 70-year-old woman (what can I say, Jean is a hottie).

Congratulations to Jayd, Jessica, and Gavin. You make a beautiful family.

:mad: You said you were going to be in Artesia, you didn’t tell us you were going to be in Santa Fe. BlueKangaroo and I were chatting about you, wondering if you were going to make it up north at all, and probably while you were less than a mile from us.


Where’d you cross the Rio? Sopaipillas are pretty much awesome. Monk’s Ale is too sweet for me. I had to look up rhumba. I’m glad it’s not what I thought it was.


However, I’m with Santo Rugger! We were trying to figure out when you were going to be around so we could hang with you.

Glad you had a good time, though. Even if it was without us.