Where the fuck is the mini-rants thread?

Because I sure as hell need one. My stupid fucking boss apparently can’t even change one fucking thing on a document without fucking calling me up and fucking dictating it to me over the phone. He doesn’t fucking know where to find the fucking files. He can’t operate Word even a little. He is worse than hunt & peck at typing. He won’t take instruction even when offered. Two weeks ago I had to fucking teach him how to attach a fucking file to a document!

YO! FUCKWAD! It’s 2007! Get with the fucking program! You’re not old! You’re probably in your 40s or 50s! And older people than you know how to operate that big box in front of them!

And if everyone else in the State would keep up with their jobs and not FUCKING LOSE VALUABLE HR DOCUMENTS I wouldn’t have to keep a goddamn file on everybody, would I? HELLO! Do I look like I’m in HR? I’m not even supposed to be looking at these goddamn documents, let alone keeping a copy of them! What the fuck do you mean, you lost the overnight package that I sent you? I sent it to T.R., somewhere between T.R.'s office and C.B.'s office it got lost? You two work down the fucking hall from each other!

Fucking dipshits. No wonder our turnover rate’s so high.

I thought we were using the “Pit anything you like!” thread as a mini-rants thread. No matter.

People need to shut the goddamn door. Our door is apparently warped and swollen from the heat and humidity and it needs to be shut hard. Naturally, everyone feels the need to shut it gently as if not to wake sleeping puppies. This leaves it not completely shut. I am tired of having to keep shutting it after people, and the boss won’t let me put up a “Shut the door hard, you fuckers” sign.

Sorry. I did look but in my rage must have missed it.

I’ve had lunch now, and feel better.