Where the heck do I find my renewal date?

I’m a charter member so I’ve renewed several times, but for the life of me I can’t find where in (I assume) my user profile, my renewal date is located. Would some kind sole help out an OldGuy?

An OldGuy who obviously mistyped the title as well.

Can we renew anymore?

Memberships were broken in the move to Discourse. It’s on the list of things to be fixed. I don’t know when (or if) it will be fixed.

The Member and Charter Member user groups were successfully ported to Discourse, so if you were a Member or Charter Member prior to the move, you will remain a Member or Charter Member. Your Membership will not expire.

At some point they may get around to fixing this. As soon as we hear anything we will let you know.

Ah so that’s why I can’t find it. Thank you :slight_smile:

Senility has not set in yet, I guess.

Well so far we only have one data point. :smiley:

However, we no longer receive the hookers and blow perk.

We don’t? :thinking:

Do we still get our bi-annual gift tote bags?

According to the SDMB charter, I’m supposed to get a pig every month.

When I joined up in ‘00, I got a nice "Welcoming Pound of Bacon’ from Cecil, but that was all.

I didn’t know about repeat periodic porcine.

Is one enough? Are three too many?

I can’t remember.


If you click on “Charter Member” “Member” or “Guest” it brings up a list of everyone in that group. Not particularly useful to most of us, but interesting.