"Where the Hell Is Matt?" Why do these videos make me tear up like little girl?!

There’s a new one out: Where the Hell Is Matt? 2012.

Whenever I watch one of these, I get really overcome with emotion. Anyone else? Why do you think these things are so affecting?

Fascinated that he was able to get into Saudi Arabia…

Pretty good Video, North Korea Really?


It was the little girls in the ballet class in Serbia (?) that got me. I love these videos, too.

Thanks for posting this…I didn’t know about these. I teared up, too. Sad the Syrian participants had to hide in the studio and have their faces blurred.

Booking a flight to Trinidad…

You’ve choreographed the world, Matt.

I cannot remember a time when I have not been insanely jealous of this fecker.

Man, his budget has grown! I remember when it was just a guy doing budget travel and setting down his camera so he could do a silly dance.

God these are great! Thanks for linking. I remember the last one almost had me dancing in my chair.

Very cool. They make me tear up as well.

I just saw it myself. So sad the faces of the ballet dancers in Syria needed to be blurred out for their own protection.

But also many wonderful moments. I thought the jugglers in Afghanistan were terrific. And really cool that he got the flight deck crew of an aircraft carrier to work with him.

Not tears, but definitely a powerful emotional response. And every five seconds I discovered a new favorite. Helsinki is the best. No wait. Prague. Prague is definitely the best. No, North Korea. That’s my favorite.

Thanks for posting.

You tear up because it’s a great nod to the fact that we’re all people, the world over. Just people.

Except for that fecken seal.

Yeah, I think that’s mostly it. I get emotional with these videos too. It reminds me that no matter what colour we are, religion, where we live, how we’re brought up, at the root of it, we’re all the same.

And we all like silly dances.

OP, my guess is the swarmy music. I’m having to listen to it with the volume off because with the song playing … yeah. I’m a bit of a pussy.
The one from Syria just makes me sad.

He definitely nails it with the song each time. For me, it was the firefighters. Not only has he upgraded to actual choreographed (of sorts) moves, but he convinces EVERYONE to go along with him. Firefighters, North Korean handlers, Syrian women in hiding, cheerleaders, African tribesmen - ANYONE. And they all love it.

When it showed Austria, and him dressed up in a tux, I thought something was up - he seemed very focused on his partner. “Married - I bet he got married, and took her with!” The end confirms it. I’ve never met this guy, but his happiness makes me happier than I could possibly imagine. One of the things that makes me so happy is that I have a feeling I’m going to get to watch Matt do this for the rest of my life.

Being human is a fundamentally beautiful and tragic experience, and the more the beauty is revealed to us, the more the tragedy becomes apparent.

(yes, I just watched this and got teary. My sound is off, so I can’t blame it on the music)

I cracked at the Iraqi kids doing the robot.

Getting soft in my old age.