Where would you go to quit the rat race?

Say you decided to chuck it all and do your own thing. What would you do? Open a bed and breakfast, sail around the world, travel in some other manner, buy a farm, or what?

Assuming I fall into enough money to live, I think I’d volunteer at the zoo or at the museum or something. Perhaps both. Well, both and other places (my girlfriend volunteers at a rabbit rescue, so, from time to time, so do I).

Depends on financial situation, give us a budget.

If you were going to say I was in a situation to have $40K a year in inflation adjusted income for the rest of my life, prolly just find a quiet spot in the country where I can web surf my days away, maybe a little hiking, fishing, hunting. Maybe take a few little trips here and there.

Make that $100K and I will be a little more flashy, maybe I do some serious travelling, a few timeshares scattered around north america.

Lottery winner grade income I have dozens of ideas.

Open a Waffle House. With a bar, pool hall and strip club attached.

Bill Murray’s character (greens keeper) in Caddy Shack. C’est moi.

Ohrid, Macedonia.

If money was not an issue: Las Vegas. Spend September through January betting on football games and then hanging out in a 20-screen sports book to watch them all.

Haydenville, Massachusetts.

I have my reasons.

With enough KMA money, I’d buy a small RV, put a tow hitch on for a small car and live on the road.

Wireless internet, cell phone, online bill pay and a P.O. box somewhere = no need for a fixed physical address.

I’ve always wanted to be a hermit. Or a pot farmer. I guess I could do both.

I’ve got the survival skills to make it without support, so I suppose I would head out for a wilderness area where I would have a great degree of options in terms of game, and resources. The far west side of the everglades wouldn’t be too bad so long as you stayed near the shore and as south as possible without being too near people.

Get myself a decent-sized flying boat like a Catalina and go flying around the world. No need for airports; just land, dock, check in to a hotel, and dine at a local restaurant. Did I mention I like seafood?

Probably the best thing to do would be to Quit Your Job and Move to Key West.

They even have a book on doing just that.


I own a copy.

Yeah, depends on the setup:

  • enough annual income to live modestly but comfortably:
    Mr. Shoe and I would buy some acres out in the Hill Country of central Texas, somewhere outside Dripping Springs. He would design us a lovely little house, and I’d get some chickens, a goat or two, and maybe a donkey. (This is actually our real-life retirement dream anyway.)
  • jackpot territory:
    I’d buy as much land as I could, either to preserve it from development or else to re-claim it and return it to its natural state. The parcels of land would not need to be adjacent.

But wherever I have the biggest plot of land, I would start up a well-planned wildlife sanctuary. The animals would have a ton of space and lots of enrichment, compatible species could even share enclosures to maximize space & enrichment for all. Any animals are fair game (HA!) but in my heart of hearts, I know I’d focus on wild cats: clouded leopards, ocelots, jaguars, etc.

Probably the aforementioned chickens, goats, and a donkey, too. Maybe a pond with some ducks - rescued ducks, of course. :slight_smile:

Depends, as it does for many, on how much money I had. If I had about the same income I have now, I’d probably move to San Luis Obispo, CA (I went to college there, and love the area), get myself a nice little house with a good net connection, and spend my time playing WoW, walking around town, maybe doing some kitten fostering, and occasionally traveling to places like the UK. I don’t have much of a travel bug, so I’d be happy spending most of my time in a nice, mellow area.

Buy a driving range. Sell buckets of balls for $5. It’ll be a cheap, low-budget affair for all the duffers and hackers out there. I’ll be the one in the hoover machine, the one that everybody aims for.

Live on the road. Travel from town to town, and country to country, living in short term sublets and motels.

Do long term boating.

Anything involving travel for long periods of time on end.

That would be my winters. My summers would be on Martha’s Vineyard.

Good choice!
That’s what we have been doing for about eight years, but we have a medium size class A motor home ( 36 feet long with two slide outs).

I’d move to Japan and become a freelance English language tutor, ultimately open my own school, and hire ALTs finishing their tenure in the JET program who would like to stay in the country and teach.