This is the second week in a row it’s been listed in local and TV Guide as being a new episode, but instead, a Law & Order rerun airs. I know West Wing got replaced with L&O due to baseball, but there’s no baseball tonight.

Has Boomtown been cancelled?

I am sorry to report that it has been cancelled. My wife and I were distraught to learn of the end of Boomtown. Apparently the network demanded a serious overhaul of the format and tone of the series. They wanted a lighter and more standard police procedural. By all accounts the resulting product was abysmal.

Who could have guessed ten years ago that I would be saying this but, I will watch anything with Donnie Wahlberg in it. If you need a fix check out the fantastic movie Diamond Men* with him and Robert Forster.

Sorry to deliver the bad news.

Sorry, it was canceled. Here’s a story on it.

What was even the point of showing two episodes? That’s what I wonder, personally.

Probably they didn’t have anything particularly promising to put in that slot, and were hoping that by dumbing down the show (see this thread) they’d be able to pick up enough viewers to make it worth airing till mid-season, or whatever.

But even Vanessa Williams as a tough cop wasn’t enough – go figure.

It hasn’t been officially cancelled. I think it’s likely that NBC will eventually burn off the episodes that have already been filmed, probably during some non-sweeps period (the middle of the summer, maybe?) It’s also possible that Bravo or another cable network will agree to run the remaining episodes.

But I agree that the chance that NBC will pay for any more new episodes is slim to none.

It may return. There were numerous times last year where Boontown was apparently cancelled because NBC stopped showing episodes for several weeks. It’s obvious NBC doesn’t like the show and is giving it minimal support. But there are more episodes that have been completed; for economic reasons, if nothing else, NBC will probably broadcast them at some point.

I only recall them not showing it for weeks when they were airing that miniseries Kingpin(? I think that was the title), but we knew about that long before it happened.