Which actors do you secretly find attractive?

Of course there are actors (male and female) who embody the typical Hollywood definition of “attractive.” You know, the beautiful people. But then there are the ones that don’t quite fit the standard mold but that have a certain quirky something that makes them very appealing. You know, the ones you think are hot but probably wouldn’t tell your friends about for fear of being mocked mercilessly.

So, c’mon. 'Fess up. Name names. Explanations are not required, though they are encouraged.

Mine are Philip Seymour Hoffman and Oliver Platt, PSH for his detached, cerebral demeanor and OP for his subtle sensousness. Or maybe I just like chubby guys.

Oliver Platt’s a major cutie.

But I don’t have any secret ones. I have no problem telling people that I find Jeremy Irons to be incredibly hot.

I’ll third the Oliver Platt thing, for me it’s how wicked funny he always appears.

Jack Black. I swoon over him and he’s so dorky.

Drew Carey used to curl my toes, somehow after the surgery and him being a newly reformed healthy person, eh not so much now. Not that I require a minimum weight, when he started obsessing on his cholesterol he just became less funny/attractive to me.

Weird Al Yankovic, probably my oldest crush. Way geeky, but it’s that intelligent wit thing again.

I have no defense. I know this is weird, but:

Wallace Shawn.


This has been asked before and my answer remains R Lee Ermey. Probably most remembered for Full Metal Jacket. That is until Mail Call.

Piercing blue eyes, hard-assed attitude and a hard body to go along with it. Add his self-deprecating sense of humor and you’ve got an old guy hunk.

I’m weird.

Ditto on Jack Black. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

Remember “Al” on Home Improvement? Rawrrrrr.

Note: I never claimed to be other than weird.

Second Jeremy Irons - so icy, yet so hot! (If I’m going to admit crushes, might as well do it with full cheese!).

And - Chris Cooper. Something about him…


Well, I don’t know how secret it is, but I’d do immoral and possibly illegal things to Bonnie Hunt

Oh, and by the way, I have a friend who swears up and down I remind her of Oliver Platt. I always thought that was a bad thing, until this thread.

Feel free to flirt at will. :slight_smile:

Drew Carey. All I’ll say. Those GLASSES! ::drool::


I can’t think of any women who fit this category, except maybe Janeane Garofalo. I didn’t quite understand ‘The Truth About Cats and Dogs’ because she was supposed to be the plain Jane while the role of sexpot was played by Uma Thurman. Blech.

I know! I know!

He’s just so cute. Like a puppy.

My husband and brother both had this same reaction.


agnes moorehead. (endora from bewitched) she’s my girl. she’s one of my closet cuties. (can’t remember the other one, though.)

I’ll second this one, too. Drool

I opened this thread to post him here. Whaddaya know.

Brooke Dillman.

I love Janeane Garofalo, and I make no secret about it. She’s very much like my dream girl would be.

I also think Fran Drescher is sexy as hell, laugh and all.

Oh, God…

 French Stewart (those crinkly eyes)
 Adrian Brody (it's that ugly-beautiful thing)
 Paul Giamatti from American Splendor (he'd be so grateful!)
 Joshua (?) Malina (from THE WEST WING---Damn those 
 eggheads with glasses!)


 Quentin Tarantino ( I know, I know....)

I thought Oliver Platt was sexy? Then again, I’m from a part of the country where that’s a pretty normal build…

I’ve always kind of dug Mercedes Reuhl & Elizabeth Peña. I would date a younger Penny Marshall easily–maybe it’s that we both drink pop mixed with milk.

Another vote for Janeane Garafalo.

Martha Plimpton. Yeah, the other girl from The Goonies.

She really shined in her starring role in Samantha.

smack lips