Which beer would you drink?

My favorite beer house has put their draft beer list online, live. Which would you have right now if you could?

Here is the list. Forty some beers, all draft.

The color codes are special pricing. Green = half price until the keg kicks. Blue = a dollar off on certain days of the week. Red = no discounts. Regular customers get one dollar off any listed price (except reds).

Personally, I’m enjoying a Cigar City Jai Alai IPA now.:cool:

The Goose Island IPA jumps right out at me. I love me some Goose Island.

Yep, enjoyed a few last week.

It’s about 90 degrees out right now, I’d probably go for one of the Saisons.

There are several I would like to taste, but honestly, at $6.00 per 13 oz. pour, there are a lot of extremely overpriced beers on that menu…

I would mostly be drinking the 1/2 priced brews, (esp. the Widmer Dark Saison) some of which seem like a great deal after the discount is factored in.

In the bar’s defense, all but the red are $1.00 off for regular drinkers. Also, they are extremely liberal with tastes and with freebies. If I go in and have four beers, typically one is on the house and the other three are a buck off listed price.

Also on any given day the are a few people drinking $1.00 bottles of Bud.

I’m a typical Dublin drinker. Guinness when I’m having a pint and Bushmills Black Bush when I’m in the mood for something harder

Goose Island Pere Jacques Strong Ale

I loved the Matilda (drank it regularly when it was on tap at the place I go to.) and the Nero. I haven’t had the Pere Jacque but like others of its style.

Well, that changes things; I don’t mind paying for a great selection, but it’s nice when a regular customer is recognized with the occasional free brew or local’s discount, both practices which are technically illegal here on good ol’ U-Taw…:dubious:

That said, there are a couple of places here that slide me a freebie on the sly once in a while, which I typically end up paying for in the form of an extra-large gratuity at the end of the night.

The place with the largest selection of draught beers that I know of has around 35 taps, but again, due to our one singlemost arcane, asinine, outdated liquor law still on the books, no tap beer in Utah can be stronger than 3.2% alcohol.

(And people ask me why I love to travel so much…)

I was a typical St Marks & Avenue A (N.Y. N.Y. when the punks and the homeless ruled the neighborhood) drinker. Guinness and a brown paper bag, but since it’s so damned hot out, I’ll take a hard cider . . . and a brown paper bag. :cool:

CMC fnord!

I’ll have a Monk’s, please. Even though it’s really not the best time of the year for it, I can’t resist a good Flemish Red on tap.

I’d try the Goose Island 312 Wheat.

One of the saisons, either Saison d’ Epearutre or Stillwater Kopstootje Saison. Probably the former.

Wow. Yesterday (Monday) they had their Monday Madness special going. Two dollars off any draft beer. The Sierra Nevada Summerfest Ale was great, followed by a couple Crispin hard ciders. It’s a great summer so far. :wink:

Probably the Draai Laag Aureus since I haven’t seen it here in Chicago.

With the weather the way it is today (high of a 100+ with a lot of humidity), it’s going to have to be something on the lighter and lower alcohol side, like the Great Lakes Wright Pils or the Goose Island 312. I’m not a huge fan of the 312, personally, but for a day like today, it would hit the spot. I’d also give the Telegraph Rye XPA a shot, although I’ve never had it.

I would try the Great Lakes Wright Pils, because I recently had their Edmund Fitz porter for the first time, and liked it a lot. I would like to see what they do with a pilsner.

I would join the other folks drinking one of the saisons. Probably the one from Belgium rather than the Stillwater one.

Tried it, hated it. Tasted watered down, then again I don’t think I’ve ever had a rye beer. Chased it with an IPA. :smiley:

I was looking at the Great Lakes selections as well. I’ve had quite a few of their beers, and they’re all solid. Love their porter.

That said, I’d go for the Founders Devil Dancer. Founders is one of my top breweries and I’ve had the Devil Dancer in bottles. Great flavor and a nice alcohol content.