Which do you consider to be the main "adversary nation?"

I wasn’t accusing you of this, I was just trying to head this off.

I have been openly accused of being a commie plant or whatever, based purely on my observations of the covid crisis (despite these observations happening to be the same as international epidemiologists working in the region and the wider scientific community), and despite the fact that I frequently condemn China on many issues.

That is such a bizarre position to take though.
Just Google “CNN China” for example, and you find multiple negative articles published in just the last 24 hours. Let alone FOX which parrots GOP rhetoric on things like the Wuhan Lab.

Meanwhile, can you show even one example of whitewashing, because I can’t see any.

In fact, the only English-language site that I am aware of that ever covers China with nuance is the Economist, and even they often fall into “speculations” about China that subsequently turn out to be false, but you’d never know because they will never publish an update that admits error.

And I’m not even really asking for positive stories or anything – that’s not how the news works in most places in general – just not depicting them as cartoon villain and actually trying to educate the viewers a bit more. In terms of China as a threat we could talk about infrastructure and education say, but that’s a tougher story to sell than just China waiting for their chance to invade or whatever.

CNN China gets me:

Digging in, all of these stories have a spin on them, and one that toes the line wrt pissing off the CCP. Going on CNN and typing, oh, say ‘organ harvesting’ nets a bunch of articles about stem cell research and the like. There are a few articles on, say, Uyghurs, but they are mostly about peripheral issues, not hard-hitting investigations and reporting about what is going on. I’m not sure really what you are looking at me to provide here. Are there some stories about what is going on in China? Yes. Are some of them unflattering to the CCP? Yes. But many are watered down or whitewashed. And the reasons are pretty clear…if they don’t do this then they can (and in some cases some have been) banned in China, up to losing any access to even send reporters to China. Many don’t want to risk that and in fact, don’t risk it.

As for the Economist, I don’t know if it’s still the case, but they were banned in China in just this way. I don’t follow them, so don’t know whether your assertion that they regularly criticize China is valid or not, or whether their stories are later disproved, but if they are still banned in China it’s probably why they feel they don’t have anything to lose by criticizing the CCP.

I’m unsure how one could report on some of the things that the CCP regularly does and NOT come off portraying them as a 'cartoon villain. That’s kind of the problem…the stuff they do is so over the top you do expect them to be twirling their thin mustaches and saying muahahahahaha! while counting their piles of money. I don’t know how you do nuance with genocide, mass internment, organ harvesting…and of a quasi-religious group that has been oppressed and heavily suppressed for decades now…and all the rest. The laundry list of what they do is incredible…yet, you hardly hear about this stuff.

But evil as they obviously are, this has nothing to do with why they are an adversary nation, at least IMHO, and it’s straying from the OP. The evil they do internally, while I think we should be putting more of a spotlight on it, isn’t why China is such a threat…it’s more an underscore why they are evil bastards.

CNN publish multiple stories on China each day, and the newest of the articles in your list is 2 weeks old. So you went cherry-picking.

…which is fine, I did challenge you to find any example of whitewashing. I just want it to be clear for people who are joining this discussion that “CNN China gets me” is a little misleading.
These are not a slice of what one would see at any particular time, and at least a couple are just reference info that would never have got anywhere near the main page anyway.

Anyway, looking at your list, no I don’t see any particular whitewashing there.
For example “10 moments that shaped China’s Communist Party” might sound a positive headline, but the content is of course about the Tiananmen square massacre, the disastrous great leap forward etc etc.
“Xi Jinping is rewriting history…” is a fairly dispassionate description of Xi’s powergrab. I guess the author could have emphasized this is a bad thing, but I don’t see that the article particularly needed that. But it’s hardly glowing either.

So no, I’m not seeing any sucking up in this list.