Which forum for question about usernames?

I am curious about the usernames that some members post under–some of them seem very interesting, and there are quite a few that I don’t get. Which forum does such a question belong in? I think that I have got it narrowed down to ATMB or IMHO, and I lean toward IMHO, since the question is really a poll and does not really involve “technical questions and concerns about the SDMB.” But I am new here so I am checking first. Thanks.

Questions about how people chose their username or what they mean would be MPSIMS, I think, though it could be IMHO. “What’s the best username?” is a poll and so IMHO.

Well, it’s been done before, so you might want to take note of that. Here’s a few threads on the topic that I’ve found:

Explain your username!
What does your username mean?
How did you get your username
Your username?
Doper user names and their origins
Explain your user name
What does your username mean?
What’s the story behind your username?
How did you choose your username?

Now, noting that I am neither a moderator nor an administrator, the above previous threads on this subject were in both IMHO and MPSIMS.

I’ve seen threads before asking for the stories behind usernames, and they were in IMHO.

Thanks, everyone, especially lel. (And next time I’ll remember not to make the mistake of posting without searching first–a newbie mistake that I ought to have figured out by now!)