Which Jeff Bridges Movie is this?

Last night, I saw about five minutes of a movie in which Jeff Bridges somehow managed to save the day by disarming this robotic arm that was pushing a key on a keyboard over and over again.

I could not for the life of me figure out what the threat from this robot was supposed to be–why a girl sitting next to it was typing “luv u” frantically over and over again and crying in a panic, or why there was a dead guy laying on the floor in the room. Why it mattered so much which of the robot’s wires Bridges cut.

I also couldn’t figure out if it was supposed to be a comedy or straight up suspense drama.

Anyone know what movie this was? I looked at Bridges’ filmography on IMDB but couldn’t identify it.


“Blown Away,” about a former IRA terrorist bomber who decides to ruin Jeff Bridge’s (a member of the Boston PD bopmb squad) life because:

He too was in the IRA but either quit or ratted out on the bomber (played by Tommy Lee Jones.

Pretty much a standard action flick. Also notable as being one of the few movies where:

The dog actually dies.

I believe that movie was Blown Away

Ah, I see. So there was a bomb attached to the robot arm, maybe? That would explain some stuff.

Except for the dead body. Was he shot?

And why was the lady typing “luv u”?


This is either the opening scene, or close to it. It’s unrelated to the rest of the plot. In this scene, a deranged ex-boyfriend rigged a bomb to a computer, making his ex-GF type ‘luv you’ over and over again. He then shot himself before “we” arrive at the scene. The robotic arm is the robot the bomb squad owns to remove bombs when it’s too dangerous for people, and they were trying to rig it up so that it could type ‘luv u’ instead of the girl, but it failed, so Jeff Bridges had to disarm the bomb himself.

Ah, everything becomes clear now!

It’s funny how, watching it out of context, I immediately thought somehow the robot was the threat. This made the whole scene sort of surreal.