Which Michael Jackson song is your current earworm?

Something’s gotten lodged in your brain after two weeks on nonstop MJmania, right?

Me: “Human Nature.”

Could be worse – could be lots worse.

I had Black And White last night, but thank god, much better music is stuck in my head right now. Was never a big fan of MJ

A lot of different ones over the past week. Today, “Unbreakable”

I’ve had the music of “Beat It” and the lyrics of Weird Al’s “Eat It” in my head for two weeks. The best of both worlds, I say.

“Billie Jean” has been wandering by and getting stuck for a few hours daily since I first started reading the “MJ has been rushed to the hospital” news reports.

I wish it would go away already, except that I’ve had a Swedish Christmas song getting stuck, too, and that’s more annoying at this time of year.

Mama say, mama sa, ma ma coo sa
Mama say, mama sa, ma ma coo sa

Dir-tee Diana naw
Dir-tee Diana Naw
Dir-tee Di - Ana naw
Dir-tee Diana naw

Sorry, no MJ. I’ve had the ending credit song to Portal stuck in my head for two days, now. GlaDOS is apparently able to exterminate all other ear worms.

“Billie Jean” seems to be the definitive Michael Jackson song and that’s the one that tends to come to mind when I think of his name, so I’ve had this one playing on my mental iPod off and on.

Billie Jean. The David Cook version. :slight_smile:

Last Sunday, it was We Are the World. I couldn’t stop singing it.

Lately it’s Will You Be There (yeah, trite).

I didn’t like it when it first came out, but lately it’s been “Don’t stop till you get enough.” Love the whoop of delight at the start.

Oh, me too! The video for that one and for Rock With You are so cute. Not terribly special effects heavy, but he just looks so adorable.

Dirty Diana

Say Say Say. I’d forgotten how much fun the video for that one is.

Mama Se Mama Sah Ma-ma ku Sah & Dirty Diana
Which are unfortunate, as they’re among my least favorite Michael Jackson songs.

I’ve been mining the back catalogue. Currently I am listening to “Time Waits For No One,” from the 1980 album Triumph by The Jacksons. CBS remastered and re-released it last year and the strings are fantastic.

If you are listening solely to MJ solo releases you are missing some truly epic ballads. “Bless His Soul” (Destiny, 1978) and “Be Not Always” (Victory, 1984) are classics that are overlooked because they are non-single tracks on Jacksons albums.

Human Nature for the most part since seeing a clip of MJ rehearsing it prior to his death, with Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough and Living Off The Wall making frequent additional appearances.

There was a clip of him rehearsing Human Nature? is that in addition to the one of him rehearsing They Don’t Care About Us?

Yeah, I don’t remember where I saw it, but it might have been Youtube. He looked pretty good and was doing some pretty cool slow-motion dance moves. I haven’t seen anything on They Don’t Care About Us.