Whine and Moan

Okay, so I was whining to my sister that my feet hurt (My feet are killing me, by the way) and apparently she got tired of it (Don’t ask me how. :wink: ) and she told me to start a thread about it and left the room.

Anyone here want to listen to me whine and moan that my feet are killing me? Don’t all speak up at once.

There is no actual purpose for this thread, but I promised her I would start one. The P is for Pointless, you know.

I have been there, Kat. I want to hear about it.

Thanks for the warning.
This way we can stay one step ahead of you if we don’t want toe heel about it.

Whine away, I’ll whine right back. And baby, I can WHINE… wooooo… :slight_smile:

YOUR feet? Please! Let me tell you about MY feet. First there’s the ankle. On the left.
Chronic achilles tendinitis. Plus now I’ve got this calcium deposit as well. Rubs against my shoes
and irritates the hell out of me. And my right foot, don’t even get me started on the right foot.
It’s like it’s jealous of the attention paid to the left, so it’s got to get in to the act. Aching is just
the tip of ice berg. And the swelling . . . .
Oh, I’m sorry. I thought somebody cared. Never mind. My feet and I are just fine , thank you
very much. No, no. Don’t worry about me. It’s quite alright. I think I’ll just go to bed.