White girls and black guys

Taking a page from the “Asian Girls and white guys” thread, here’s a question that’s always bothered me, but I never had the courage to ask. It’s not very “politically correct”, but in light of the other topic, maybe this is the best place to ask. :confused:

Why do you see pairings of relatively trim black men with very overweight white women?

While not a blanket observation, it is based on what I see in my old hometown and schools and my friends’ observations of what they’ve seen in their cities, albeit in poorer areas.

You also see those relationships on lower-class talk shows (Springer, Montell, Sally Jesse, Ananda, etc).

I’ve noticed this, too. Here’s my guess-

Note: These are just my personal opinions, I have no cites to confirm them.

Black guys tend to gravitate toward obese women, whether they are black or white. Just a preference they have, for some reason.

Also, blacks are discriminated against in our society, so they make less money. And guys who make less money tend to get stuck with overweight women. Generally speaking.

[Official Moderator Plead]Would someone of the African-American persuasion please step in and put a stop to this silliness?[/Official Moderator Plead]


I think I’ll leave while I’m still speachless.

Oh come on! Why should this be considered sillier than any of the other stupid questions posted here?

29 posts (thus far) at the White & Asian one…

Wow! This is going to get real ugly.

Shouldn’t they prefer thin women? They’d be cheaper to feed and clothe. Generally speaking.

So if Asian Girls are dating White guys and White girls are dating Black guys, won’t there be a lot of lonely Black girls and Asian guys running around? Maybe we should set up a dating service.

Everybody run… I see the flames coming…Fire Fire…LOL
:confused: Ive always asked this question…myself im on the other end with gay relations…B&W men …i just dont understand…i guess its personal preference…I for one like all types of white men but i dont find black men attactive …thats just my opinion… That type of relationship doesn’t really bother me…I really dont care…be yourself i always say. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I think it varies according to personal circumstance. My assumption is that both the man and women (whatever color) have found a relationship that works for them. In brutal, real world terms a fat and/or otherwise unattractive , poor and minimally educated woman (white or black) is going to have relatively limited relationship prospects and will probably look favorably upon a man (any man) that treats her (iniitally at least) with some respect and is willing to have sex with her.

I don’t assume in these parings that the (black) man is making some upscale bid by getting a “white” woman. He’s getting what he can get period. In many of these situations black women will not have or tolerate an uber loser man for a serious relationship and the fat, slatternly white women is only thing left at the bottom of the social barrel that he has access to.

BTW if you look carefully I think you will see that poor and poorly educated white men and ther mates tend to follow the same mold as above so it’s not like “trim poor black men get fat poor white women” “trim poor white men also get fat poor white women”. You’re just noticing the white-black pairs more.

The answer is simple: Black guys like fat white girls because they are better dancers than the skinny ones~~~~~~

alright alright, someone has to say what everyone is thinking, or maybe it’s just me.

this whole thing is based on stereotypes of the sort that go along with penis envy and exotic beauty. Alright, first of all. Asian women are sometimes seen as exotic and therefore coveted by white men, and as Asian men have a stigma of having small penises they get passed over for white men who want them for their exotic quality anyway. Now similar logic goes for white women and black guys. to some black guys white women hold that exotic appeal and black men are rumored to have large penises so they date the exotic white women who want them for their size.

in response to the fact that those white women are usually larger, well black men sterotipically like women with a large asses, which would go hand in hand with a health girl.

I’m gonna get banned for this huh?


Really though, I noticed this and thought it was some sort of MTV “The Last Dance” inspired trend. First of all, it’s not just fat white women. I see a lot a black guys with white women in predominantly white clubs and bars where my friend and I are the only black females in sight. I asked a black male friend of mine what was going on and basically he said that white girls are easy - they’ll do anything, especially when they’re drunk. Us Hispanic and black girls want to be difficult though. His words, not mine. The feminist part of me is very skeptical, and more than a little offended, but I gotta admit that many white college-age girls are pretty loose after a few drinks. Maybe that’s just the sorority chicks.

Flame away if you wish but here’s my take on it.

Every guy (black, white, whatever) likes a girl just like Mom, the one that fed, loved, raised, nurtured him.

Now, black women seem (and yes, I’m generalizing, sue me) to have a really positive self-image. They’ve got (and love their) breasts and hips and asses. They flaunt them, especially the asses. Black women are proud of their behinds for good reason. Men LIKE asses.

Men don’t want skinny little freaks with bony behinds. Especially black men, who grew up with Mom being proud of her body, unlike us white women who have serious issues.

Us stupid white women diet until our asses look small and consequently our tits are deflated and floppy, our faces are drawn and we look like death. We starve ourselves to look like a bunch of genetically “gifted” models with implants when we could just EAT and have tits and ass and hips galore.

Now think about a beautiful, full-bodied white woman being told for the first time in her life that her body was beautiful, normal, even envied! And who is telling her this? A good-looking man who loves and respects his mother, and (here’s the important part) honestly loves her and her body.

It doesn’t matter what his color is…if he loves you for you and respects you and treats you well…life is golden.

Who at 5’9" and 140lbs still doesn’t have an ass. Though she wants one.

Oh sweet Sue… I’m sure you could have your pick! The asses will line up and be falling all over themselves for a cute, tall drink of water like you any day of the week.
[sub]Oh… that kind of ass[/sub]

I’m an ass.

Ooooh, good point!

To the original poster…

Sometimes what you observe in your small community can be mistaken for what’s going on in the rest of the world. Here in NYC you see black men with white women of all shapes and sizes, in addition to asian women of all shapes and sizes. I think you need to get out more.

There is some truth to the notion that black men prefer women with “meat” on their bones. I’ve heard that, and from women who are slim that were told that by black men.

Dear Mod,

Sometimes the black people want to talk about the Middle East. Not that I can speak for all the black posters (we’ve got a few new ones and they are all fresh and new and raring to go), but this black poster is a little hoarse from shouting --Jesus F’ing Christ! It’s not a black thing! Black guys don’t just go out with fat white women. Black people are ***just like white people in that theirf choice of sexual partners varies according to personal taste! ***
In fact ***black people are just like regular people in all respects. *** Black people are regular people! Get over yourselves, white people! You are not that special.

I agree. It’s a bit tiresome, seeing people applying all these made-up pseudo scientific theories about WHY girl of race A happens to be with boy of race B (and by race, I mean the social construct of course - back off, Colounsbury ;)).

My girlfriend happens to be mixed (I call her beige, if asked :)), but so what? It’s not her skin colour that did it, and I’d be ashamed of myself if it was. Why is it so hard to assume that the black guy you happen to see with an overweight white girl just loves her for, you know, her personality?