White Men Prefer Asian Women?

Interesting article here:


Thoughts? Comments?

To begin with, hardly a very scientific study.

In my experience, men are very selective when it comes to women. Almost all of us have two basic rules regarding interacting with women.

First, the women must be breathing and second, they must be willing to have something to do with us.

I’m sorry, but we are horndogs. I think if a black woman winked at the grand dragon of the KKK, his sheets would be off his back and back on the bed in minutes. We are equal opportunity lusters. She may be asian, latino, anglo, black or albino - give us a chance and we will jump her bones.

We may profess higher goals and deeper levels, but what can I say, we are horndogs. For an example, look at the women that Clinton (the most powerful man in the world) fooled around with.

This is not a scientific study - it’s an opinion piece.
The author basically gives his own views and observations.

"The default position of American women is what men refer to as “the chip,” a veiled truculence, mixed with a not-very-veiled hostility toward men and a shaky sense of sexual identity. The result is a touchiness reminiscent of hungover ferrets. There is a bandsaw edge to them, a watching for any slight so that they can show that they aren´t going to take it. They are poised to lash out in aggressive defense of their manhood.

As best as I can tell, they don´t like being women. Here is the entire problem in five words."

Well there you have it. About 150 million US women and this chap understands them all.
Alternatively, he’s an ignorant big mouth who doesn’t know how to have relationships with women. :smiley:

I’m married to an Asian (okay Asian-American) woman and even I think this is a load of crap.

So white men want to date women who are attractive and non-hostile. Is that a big surprise to anyone?

I have to agree with TV time. Although I’m white and my wife is asian, I’d never dated an asian woman before her and had actually been engaged before. It just kind of worked out this way. I probably would have married her if she was any other race/color/creed etc. because the circumstances of our being together, and not her ancestry, are the reason we married.

I’ve heard many of these same arguments out of Indianizers and as an Indian woman I can tell you that I run for the hills whenever I hear someone wax poetic about my kamasutronicness using random, coloured, highly anecdotal evidence relating to what is really a very diverse ethnic group. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with finding a particular ethnic group beautiful but the article highlights where it goes all wrong for me. When you move beyond the fact that you just enjoy the features and elements of the culture and start imposing all sorts of expectations on most of the individuals of that culture, all the while deriding members of the opposite sex from your own. At least, in my anecdotal opinion, it tends to stem from the situation where the person couldn’t get any from their own people/feels some sort of sense of inferiority relating to members of their own culture and then seeks out another group to superiorize, relating their own problems getting women/men in their own culture to cultural obstacles that are impossible to overcome. At least, that’s the sense I get from that article. It isn’t particularly related to one ethnic group as I’ve seen plenty of Indian people doing the same thing with men saying Indian women are uppity, gold-digging bitches or Indian women saying all Indian guys are sexist, overly-attached-to-their-mom’s-hips assholes etc. etc… Also, my girlfriends (South Asian and East Asian) call these types Asianizers. The minute you don’t conform to their lofty ideals of the Indian Woman or the Japanese Woman you are dropped like a hotcake.


I’d say TVTime is right when it comes to trying to get laid.

When it comes to trying for something more, I’d say most men don’t prefer a certain ethnic group, they prefer someone they can relate to. If that means you prefer a woman without a chip on her shoulder, who has hobbies, and is capable of carrying on a reasonably intelligent conversation I would submit that you can find that woman in any ethnic group and from any country, America included.

The author’s vast generalizations are just idiotic yammering. I think he’s bitter about his inability to get laid. Then again, perhaps a review of his own article can help him figure out why that’s the case. . .

TooGood Reports
“News & Politics - The Right Stuff For Right Thinkers”.

Jeez…how neo-conservative can they be?!

Did you check out the titles of the other books they offered?
Books about O’Reily, the kind of people God blesses, Why Men Don’t Iron and the only one by a female is about why higher education & charity foundations are bad.

My ex-wife was Chinese ( well, I assume she still is Chinese :smiley: ), and my partner now is Vietnamese. I get annoyed with people who think I’m some sort of sweaty-palmed loser who is into mail order brides. I get especially annoyed when those people are said sweaty-palmed losers who come up to me in this sort of fraternal back-slapping way as if to compare notes on how much does my little submissive plaything get to the gallon. Fact is, both women took the initiative and chased me (I work in a very Asian environment), both would kick you in the bollocks in a nanosecond if you dared call them “submissive”, both were already Australian citizens with probably more money than me (so it wasn’t a convenience thing), and both have a reasonably strict sexual morality.

All that said, I do have a slight preference for Asian women based on appearance. I like the east Asian (Chinese - Japanese - Korean) look because of the dark hair and pale skin. Well, maybe I did have a preference. Because I live and work in a mostly Asian environment, the look is certainly not “exotic” to me. It’s probably getting to the point now where I don’t have a racial preference at all - or if I do, it just depends on my mood. 'tis all only skin deep anyway.

FWIW, the most stunningly beautiful women I’ve ever seen were Ethiopian.

Asian women, Latin men, the foreign is exotic, and we all love our own fantasies about what folks we don’ t know are really like.

The grass is always greener when you don’t have to mow it.


I love Asian women, Japanese in particular. For my part, though, it may be more that I have a less-than-awesome opinion of white, American women. Bad me, I know, but I have to work from personal experience.

It’s also kind of cool the way Japanese models/actresses/singers smile at the camera when they get their picture taken, as opposed to the “let’s see how serious and grim I can look” technique of white, American & European models.

I think that “report” is more or less just spouting off various stereotypes. I find many asian women attractive, especially my wife (Hi Honey! :slight_smile: ), but then again in general I’m attracted to women who are shorter than I am, brunettes, and are intelligent. Guess what? My wife is shorter than I am, has dark hair, and is a mechanical engineer. She also happens to be Chinese. I have had “things” for other asian women before, but I have also had those feeling for other brunettes, blondes, redheads, and once, a young lady with green hair. And to say that I like submissive women, well let’s just say, you haven’t met my wife. Although a few of my friends do joke about my fondness for asian women, by no means is it the be-all-end-all of my attraction to females.

I bet the author of that piece, and his friends, are sore at having been dumped too many times by white women, and therefore they blame it all on the race of their former dates.

But what the author and his friends do not realize is that they’ve been dumped because they are idiots.

This is exactly what I was gettting from the piece. There seems to be a lot of bitterness behind it all.