Who all might be able to make it to a Phoenix Dopefest when the weather cools off?

I was going to put “might maybe possibly” but it wouldn’t fit :D.

Anyway, I think we should start thinking about another one, and hopefully get some out-of-towners this time!

It’s too hot right now for anyone to do anything but sit around and bitch about the heat so I was thinking…September, maybe?

Anyway, it’s never too early to start thinking about it. Who all might maybe possibly be able to think about planning on coming? :slight_smile:

I might could maybe possibly be one of those out-of-towners to show up. Depending on when I move into my new condo, and depending on when and how the planets align.

I’ll keep on eye on this thread, but don’t hold your breath for me. :wink:

Depending on whether IttyBittyChastain cooperates, the missus and I should be able to make it.

So long as the location includes A/C. :slight_smile:

The Stude should be back on the road by Sept. and I think Killer and I will be getting married in Oct.-Nov. so we should be able to make it.

That red Studebaker you had? What’s wrong with it? I like that car.

I can’t do the 9th-12th (goin’ to Vegas, baby!!), but I could probably pull of another weekend with enough notice.

My brother is in Chandler and I haven’t seen him since April, and that’s just too long without seeing Fredo. And, I need an excuse to go see the Last Place AZ Diamondbacks once more this season. Tickets shouldn’t be too hard to find :slight_smile: .

I’ll keep an eye on this thread.