Who are the Australian dopers?

I noticed it mentioned that there are some (other than me) so who are you? :slight_smile:


Well, I would say that G. Nome is an Australian doper, but after reading her posts, I’ve decided that she’s in fact, from Mars.

Classic American Togographic Deficiency Disorder

G.Nome is a Kiwi, Cynical :wink:

You should probably apologise to her then, Mr Cynical, all the Kiwis I know get mortally offended at being called Aussies. :slight_smile:

guanolad is a kiwi in Oz.

If you look up the thread The latest in gun control from Australia over in Great Debates, you’ll find several self-identified Aussies participating.

I’m an Aussie. And proud of it.

Really? I thought you were Ukranian.