Who are you and what have you done with my son?

My almost 15-year-old son has been acting very strangely lately. I’m hoping the Dopers can help me with the mystery.

Over the past few days he has:

Taken the garbage out
Cleaned his room
Ironed his clothes
Brought the garbage can back to the house
Made lunch for the family
Mowed the yard
Folded clothes

All normal chores, right? Yet, here’s the strange part.

He’s done all this without me and my husband having to ask him to do it!

It’s quite freaky. I will run through a litany of Did You Brush and Floss Your Teeth Finish Your Homework Clean Your Room etc, to which he has answered YES!!

Today, before I left for work, he asked if there was anything I needed done when they got home from school. I mentioned sweeping the living room and brushing the dog. He’s also asked that I not tell him to do things, as he wants to see what needs to be done without me pointing them out to him, then I can tell him if he missed anything.

We’ve asked him what’s gotten into him, and he said, “Well, I have to grow up sometime, don’t I?”

Sniff sniff. Not yet, baby. :slight_smile:

awwww… he’s in love :wink:

Sounds like any normal 15 year old who is going to eventually turn 16 and want his own car.

Clearly, he’s conducting some kind of diabolical experiment for his alien overlords.

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. If he runs out of stuff to do at your house, there’s plenty to do at mine…

Could you send him over my way? My dishes need to be done, and the kitchen floor needs to be washed.

If I were you, I’d check his room for a duplicator with optional ethicator installed.

Exactly what I was thinking. He’s getting ready to ask for something big, and is trying to pave the way for the answer he’s hoping for.

I wish I’d thought to do that when I wanted a car!

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Or, uhhh, want your own car.

My opinion on this:

  1. He wants his learning permit.

  2. Report cards are coming out soon.

  3. Hey mom there is this party/concert/trip coming up and everyone else’s parents are letting the them go.

  4. You raised him to be a responsible kid.

…or a 1920s style death ray . He may just want to “take you out” so he can have the car and the house to himself. Evil genius or simple soon-to-be-sixteen-year-old, hmmmm???


Well, he has expressed an interest in a learner’s permit, but we told him no until his grades are brought up. (He needs improvement in the Turning in Homework area, which is another area that has shown marked improvement.)

As for a new car…not until Mommy and Daddy get new cars. I’m currently driving an 89 Dodge Shadow, and Ivylad has an 85 Cutlass Ciera, both without a/c.

But then again, we don’t have car payments. :smiley:

He needs money. Lots of it. Now.

That or a cookie.

He’s on the reefer. If you don’t stop it now, he might grow up to be a moderate democrat President.

He’s got a girlfriend, and she’d coming round for dinner within a fortnight. I guarantee. :smiley:

It’s an epidemic in my neighborhood also, Ivylass. It is the Spring-Break-is-rapidly-approaching-BUG in our case. Our young ones are busy showing us how responsible they are. All in the hopes of going to a warm, sunny destination-minus parental supervision for one week! You know, the spring break you see on the telly-clothing optional and free-flowing booze. Aren’t dreams wonderful?

Your young one couldn’t “possibly” be one of my child’s crowd, could he?

Don’t worry. The detective will tell you why he’s been such an angel soon after he knocks on (or breaks down) your door.

I propose we open a betting pool to see which one of these it is. My bet’s on number 2. :slight_smile:

No way. No stoner pothead would ever get that much done over just a few days. Not, at least, without leaving a trail of Cheetos crumbs behind him.

My money’s on one of three things:
a) the girlfriend
b) spring break is approaching
c) we wants to drive.

Although he could have suffered a severe head trauma in gym class or something… Do they still have gym class?

My guess is it involves money. Is there some kinda formal dance or something coming up?

He wants SOMETHING, that’s for sure…

Just check there’s nothing strange on the back of his neck…