Who Did You Snub At Your Wedding?

I was watching Prisoner (Prisoner: Cell Block H) the great old Australian soap opera from the 80s and immature inmate Dorren makes a point to “snub” the manipulating user semi-evil prisoner Sharon and doesn’t invite her to her prison wedding in the garden

So it got me to thinking, in most weddings, you have to draw the line at some guests to invite and some not to.

So did you deliberately “snub” someone at your wedding. What I mean is purposely excluding them, because of a reason. Maybe it was a good reason, like they don’t bathe regularly or a bad reason, like they wouldn’t give you a good gift

My wife’s ex-husband. We even had a plan just in case he showed up anyway, which he threatened to do.

My family.

Everybody. We eloped.

I’m planning to snub [you].

My wedding was more a chance for people to snub me, than the opposite.

Pretty much my entire extended family–I was the first person in a long time to break tradition an not invite all five dozen cousins and second cousins. God forbid, I spent my limited guest slots on people I’d talked to in the past year.

Yes, it caused some controversy, mostly with my mom. =P

My grandfather behaved poorly at my wedding (nothing super blatant, but he butted into what should have been special moments with my dad – and if we had been close that would still have been okay, but he’s always treated my dad HORRIBLY, so this was really irritating. Oh, and his wife criticized everything), so my sister didn’t invite them to her wedding. And, even more coldly, she invited our cousin F. but not his sister K., because K. had defriended her on Facebook. (Her rationale was that she couldn’t get K’s address because of not being able to contact her.) I was kind of horrified at the time, although now I think it’s pretty funny. (K. has since defriended the rest of the family and was last seen in France somewhere, so it looks like my sister may have made the right choice.)

Everybody - we went to a local wedding boutique - grabbed two total strangers (and thier puppy with a pink bow) to be witnesses - said I do (sans rings, took 10 minutes total) and then went to Arby’s for the dinner.

20 years later - still married - still remember the puppy and the lunch - best day of my life.


Our wedding was the two of us, her Wiccan High Priestess friend presiding, and her daughter and my sister as witnesses.

We saw no reason to throw a lavish wedding.

  • One friend of my father’s whom I detest and with whom I hadn’t had a conversation in 15+ years, and who had subpoenaed my mother in a paternity suit when I was a kid.

  • Another friend of my father’s whom I detest and with whom I hadn’t had a conversation in 15 years, except for her ranting at me for 20 minutes at my nephew’s first birthday party about how “the illegals have taken over California.”

Other than that, we pretty much held the line at first cousins and their families.

We called my uncle to tell him we were getting married, and he said, “Oh, God, don’t invite your sister.” And then we called my cousin, and he said “Whatever you do, don’t invite your sister.” Guess what?

Also, nobody from work. Actually, one person, but she is one of my sorority sisters. I couldn’t invite some people and not others, so we both kept it work-free.

I’ve never felt I snubbed anyone, but it’s a topic you don’t want to take up with my MIL. . .
My hubby and I had a brief (10 week) engagement, and while I wanted a fairly formal wedding, we couldn’t afford to be lavish. One of the ways we cut costs way down was to limit the guest list to 50 people. Now, I love my MIL, really and truly. But she had five sons and only one daughter. When her daughter got married, they were engaged for two years, daughter hand wrote all 200 of the wedding invitations, everything was done ‘perfectly’. Things I just didn’t have the time and money for. So when it came time to do the invitations, there were at least a half-dozen people my MIL thought we had to invite (“But she was my best friend all through high school! She’s been at all my other kids’ weddings”, etc. etc.). But I just had to put my foot down. I have a large family, hubby has a large family. Really, limiting it to immediate family along with spouse/partner/children, plus a few of our very closest friends filled up our allowance of 50 guests.

All this was 22 years ago, and I’m still not sure my MIL has forgiven me. . . :wink:

My future in-laws. One had a restraining order on the other (during the divorce proceedings) and we weren’t about to play favorites.

A lot of people. We planned our wedding in about 3 months, it had maybe 15 attendees. I’m sure we forgot lots of people.

Everybody, we eloped. I have never understood the point of huge weddings unless you are trolling for presents.

We had around 100 people, which you may or may not think is huge. We weren’t trolling for presents. Naturally there were a few people on the list who were not so close relatives included to avoid upsetting them and a few who our mothers wanted to invite that we weren’t too fussed about. However at least three quarters of those people were family and friends that we care about, that care about us and who we wanted to share our happiness with.

We’re inviting about 100 people, including a few "and guest"s, and there are a lot of people we’d like to invite but can’t. My fiance has a large extended family who all live locally and are close-knit, so we invited most of them. We got permission from an Aunt not to invite some college-age second cousins, for budgetary reasons, and we’re deliberately snubbing a great-aunt who made some derogatory remarks to my fiance’s mother last year about unmarried couples living together. If that’s how you feel about us, you don’t need to come to our wedding.

Everyone who wasn’t a bosom friend or a close family member. (Total of about 30 guests.)

I deliberately didn’t invite one of my mom’s cousins because he didn’t invite me. He was drawing the line at kids so, even though I was an older teen at the time I didn’t get invited. Also, his fiancee never thanked my sister and me for the shower gifts. So there was him.

Two I felt bad about from my husband’s side. He has cousins on both sides who nobody sees very often. We invited one who lived out of state and she wanted to bring her 14 year old, who had not be specified. Before I could make my case that we could make an exception my FIL called her and undiplomatically put the kibosh on that. The cousin got pissed and didn’t come either. The other cousin hadn’t been to family events in years but was planning on starting again and sort of invited herself. So…we sent her an invitation and she wanted to bring her child too. Same deal - I was for making an exception but never got the chance and she also backed out and never came to family events ever again.