Who has the most people on ignore? (No names, please)

I don’t have anyone on ignore, I just visually skip or briefly scan the posts of the predictably repugnant. Some of them post genuinely good info in GQ and I wouldn’t want to miss that. Of course, some can turn a simple “ID this butterfly” thread into a political diatribe until a Mod steps in, and that’s when I turn into an internet-Evelyn-Wood and get to the next post in under a second.

I don’t know what y’all are saying in this thread because I have everyone on my ignore list.
I won!.

We are all different people who handle things in our own ways.
I just checked and see that I have 53 on my list–a list that needs weeding out. Most of them are one-trick-ponies or arrogant know-it-alls that annoy me, so I ignore them.

I wouldn’t ignore a fellow sailor and Jersey resident though!

I have never even considered having anybody on ignore. Partly because I want to read all viewpoints, but mainly because if someone says something really stupid I want to enjoy every aspect of it and all the fallout that goes with it.

I put racists on ignore. It adds up quickly.

If you can read this:

I have put people on ignore who have pissed me off. In a week or three I forget what they said to piss me off and I un-ignore them. I currently am ignoring nobody.

I’ve only got two on mine, but it would not surprise me if I was at least in the running for being on the most such lists.

I have a handful of long-gone trolls on ignore, and that’s it.

I’m sorry, did you say something? :smiley:

I’m another who wonders at the large numbers of the ignored by some folks. I once had one person on ignore for about a week, then removed it. I just don’t see the point.

The only person I ignore is my wife, (her words, not mine). If she would not walk out of the room while talking to me, I would probably “ignore” her a lot less.
When it comes to the dope, I haven’t ignored someone in a very long time, and even then it was only for a month or so.

A lot of the time you’re not expecting someone to change, you’re responding to everyone involved in the discussion and to lurkers, and it can be hard to do that if bad ideas are hidden.

I’ve also tried to treated it as a self-improvement exercise to respond calmly and reasonably to people who annoy me. With mixed success. I might put someone on ignore in the future to remove the risk that they goad me into breaking the rules.

Wanna bet?

(I have no one on ignore)

I take breaks from this site from time to time but why ignore people.

That’s me, the mouth of the south! Y’all would be surprised how quiet I am in real life. Sometimes I say something outloud at home and the pets stare at me like I am crazy.

Zero. Never much saw the point in pretending that unpleasant people don’t exist.

I’m on Facebook and only have one person on ignore (not a friend of mine) because his vitriolic political rants show up in friendly threads that I want to read.

On the Dope usually the vitriolic political rants show up in vitriolic political threads, so I’m OK with that.

Me too. Jeez, I wish she would stop calling.

I think the Ignore function is childish, and too easily lends itself to creating an echo chamber, which serves to narrow one’s experience and is the opposite of fighting ignorance.

There is one exception to this, and that person is on my ignore list.

My Ignor-amous is on due to over-the-top creepy responses to some of my posts, it was just easier not to deal with him/her.

Pretty sure I apologized for that.

I have four. It would be five but we aren’t allowed to ignore mods.

Do you think all these one liners are actually funny? You take these tiny poops like you want to be the Dope’s Henny Youngman in half the threads on the board. Maybe you could try refraining from these dumb jokes and use them only sparingly?

I feel like you need an intervention. Maybe we should MPSIMS you. What you’re doing doesn’t rise up to deserve a pitting, but you should cut back a lot.