Who has the most people on ignore? (No names, please)

There are two or three others here with years long, tens of thousands of posts histories of dumbass unfunny one liners. Gatopescado is as a single grain of sand compared to their continent smothering desert. Maybe you need an intervention to help with misdirected anger?

Come on, the joke was in response to “the only person I ignore is my wife”, itself a one-liner joke within a thread that’s hardly a highbrow debate. If it was a one-liner in the middle of thread asking for advice on how to handle infidelity you might have a point.

If only there were some feature available that could allow someone to ign…. Oh.

I guess I should confess to vested interest here, since I almost posted a third one-liner joke in response to Gatopescado, and only refrained because it wasn’t so funny. Kind of like putting yourself on ignore, I suppose.

I think** Gato**'s hilarious and wouldn’t want him to change. Many times he’s given me a good snort of laughter when I need it. Put him on ignore if he bothers you. :smiley:

I have three people ignored, but one is about ready to be taken off. When they get hopped up about something they can’t shut up, and ignoring them facilitates scrolling.

I just want to know what is on the bottom of Gato’s avatar. It’s too small to read. Or maybe I don’t.

My handy-dandy magnifier tool makes out:

“Jesus is coming on your dad’s back”

Only 150 for me. Though definitely a good portion of them are no longer around. Any obvious troll gets on there immediately.

I’m honestly surprised at how big it is, as I don’t really run into that many ignored people, and, when I do, I generally find they didn’t actually contribute to the conversation. In fact, if they do contribute, I reconsider their place on the list.

I’d say more about how I form the list, but I think going any deeper might run afoul of saying who is actually on it. I will say it’s less about “I never want to see them again” and more “I like a bit of a warning before engaging with them.”

I will say that I find it hard to figure out why anyone would have you on ignore, Zeldar. You’re about the most inoffensive poster I can think of, from any direction.

Thanks, BigT! Very comforting words!

Well, since I can’t exactly put myself on Ignore, I have 0. :o

The voices in my head won’t be ignored. Until I drown them in beer.

I typically have between one and three. When I forget why I Ignore one, I un-Ignore.

I Ignore people I find mean spirited but adding nothing to the conversation.

And that is your charm.

Don’t worry he will change it in a few. I think Gato is hilarious, too. How could you not find that funny?
(Not you, Sunny, but the general ‘you’)

“No names, please” sounds like a request to enable Ignore With Extreme Prejudice where you can’t even see the names of your ignorees when they post.

Right now I have six, but if I didn’t regularly weed out banned posters, there would probably be a hundred.

Of the current six, the lowest post per day number is about six. Most are far higher.

One person has been on my ignore list since 2002. I once un-ignored one of their posts just to see if they’d changed, but no, it was still “look at me look at me look at me”.
Narcissists annoy the hell out of me.

You should see how I dress.

I only have one, and my experience is vastly better for it.

I tend to read posts first, poster names second, and this poster seems to only post vitriolic garbage- after placing them on ignore, it really brightened the board up for me.

What’s left to read if you have 150 posters on ignore? It must be a sea of blank posts with a few entries blooming up through the cracks. I’ve only got one on my ignore list, more for style than content.

I often wonder if I’ve ever made anyone’s ignore list, besides … I can’t remember his name, the guy who personally “banned” posters he accused of straw-manning him.

Zero. Why live in a bubble of people you agree with?

It’s just individual posts by the Ignored Ones that are not visible. Threads they may have started may still have replies that are worth my time.

As for “what’s left…” it’s pretty much what I would have been wanting to read anyway. It’s rare that I will do what it takes to read what an Ignored may have posted. And when I’ve done such a few times, I’ll remove that poster from the Ignore List. It is in the range of 20-30 people I have taken off Ignore over these years.