Who is that lady in the 10-10-220 commercials? One of the Golden Girls?

I’m talking about the ones with(I think) Emmet Smith on the airplane.

Did she play Blanche on Golden Girls? If not, who is she?

They are those commercial where she doesn’t know that the athlete is famous…etc.

My mother swears that is not one of the Golden Girls, but I think it is.

Nope-she was on Designing Women. It’s Jan Hooks. She was also on SNL, IIRC.

I seemed to recall her from Saturday Night Live. Wasn’t she the chick who used to do those singing skits with another woman? They were playing sisters who would sing bits and pieces of a bunch of cheesy songs. Early 90’s I think.

Wasn’t she also the landlady’s daughter from Third rock from the Sun? That seemed to be the character, if I’m thinking of the right commercial.

Didn’t she originate the roll of Manjula on the Simpsons, as well?