Who is the man with the paper ass?

One of my Grand Mothers sayings was “You talk like a man with a paper ass”.

Now, I’m recalling this from my childhood, but I remember the saying being at least close to that. Anyway: huh?:confused:

My father used to follow that up with : “running through a brush fire.”

Useless, to be sure, but it’s all I had.

      • My grampa used to yell “Pumpkin pie! There she blows!”
        All the time, for no reason.
        Sometimes in the middle of the night, while the rest of us were sleeping.
        We used to beat the crap out of him. - DougC

Didn’t he mind?

As a kid, I heard family members refer to a man with a paper asshole. Being a kid, I never got an explanation. (I suspect pkbites was hearing a slightly bowdlerized version.)

So if anyone knows the answer, I’d appreciate hearing it, too.

I’m bumping this up, because I want to see if anyone knows the answer.

I googled a paper ass and this is what I got.

From this site.



I don’t know him, but I bet his name is Russell. :smiley:



by the way, I have NEVER heard of the “paper ass” saying. For the past few days I’ve been laughing my ass off every time I come to this thread. I don’t know why. I guess I get tickled easily.