Who is this well-known person? clues, but no name

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So? Details?

Here’s what I’ve gleaned from her posts:[ul][li]Flora took her username from the poem “Nothing to Wear”, by William Allen Butler (1857).[/li][li]She lived in Baltimore in the 1970’s.[/li][li]She knew Lillian Gish.[/ul][/li]I can’t guess from that, but if someone wants to send me a private, confidential e-mail, spilling the beans, there’s a sawbuck in it for you! (waves 10-spot temptingly in the air) Full discretion is guaranteed.

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Maréchal Lyautey

That’s easy. She’s actually Martha Stewart. Where’s my ten-spot?

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Martha Stewart?
Pluto, wash your mouth out with soap, and say four Hail Algonquins.


Hmmmm. I’m intrigued!

“There’s a snake in my boot!”

Ann Sothern?

John Waters?

Beat me to it … I was gonna say “Divine”, except h’orsh’it (apologies to Forbes)died.

I would guess that she is someone who would prefer anonymity in this forum.

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Awww…why can’t we just let her be Flora?

Maybe she’ll tell us someday, y’know? Good things come to those who wait/ in due time/ patience is a virtue… that sort of thing.

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Amen, Flora be Flora, and I’m fauna her just like it is.

I’m not saying everybody has to know, just me.

Quand les talons claquent, l’esprit se vide.
Maréchal Lyautey

I live around and in the midst of enough celebrities to think that Chris is right when she says – just let Flora be Flora. That is, let her have someplace where she is accepted for herself, and not for her celebrity, whatever that is.

Even Kevin Costner used to take his turn when it was his girls’ turn to do treats for soccer practice. Treat 'em like any other soccer dad, or any other SDMB poster – let 'em have a real life.


I completely agree with you guys - except… I love these kinds of mysteries. In fact, these are the sort of things that are always disappointing when they’re solved, because then the fun of discovering or guessing or wondering has been taken away… yet… it’s a Catch 22.

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Come on, people! If you’re interested enough, you can get on a plane and fly to the next NYC gathering. If that’s too much trouble, just leave the woman in peace.

Laugh hard; it’s a long way to the bank.

Flora is Bernadette Peters!

Or is it Ethel Merman? Bela Abzug? Hilary?

No, no, now I remember, she’s Harvey Fierstein!!


C’mon, everyone knows that Flora is really Ed Zotti.

I am intrigued…

When’s this next NYSD meeting?

If she’s a mild mannered reporter for the Daily Planet, then no wonder she wants to stay low profile.

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The Legend Of PigeonMan - updates every Wed & Sat. If I can be bothered.

People, manhattan was joking in that post that Arnold was quoting from. Go back and read it. manhattan said:

> There were no pictures.
> Flora is actually a known personage, and a
> picture would ruin her anonymity.
> Ike has been photographed
> Cap’n is in the Federal Witness Protection
> Program
> manhattan is butt-ugly
> CMKeller moved faster than the speed of
> light and would not show up on film
> SaxFace’s modeling contract prohibits the
> use of her image without substantial
> royalties.
> Tuba has no excuse, but why bring a camera
> for one?
> Alpha the scientist is developing germ
> warfare products for the Pentagon. He was
> advised not to be photographed.

Auraseer, Melin, I also thought that manhattan was joking. I was more interested in seeing which celebrity would fit her “parameters”.

I’m sure she wishes to be anonymous, but if she really was a “known personage” and didn’t want that fact to be disseminated, manhattan wouldn’t have mentioned it.

Quand les talons claquent, l’esprit se vide.
Maréchal Lyautey