Who’s been vaccinated?

I’ve heard 2 weeks, which is when I celebrated. My gf is at one week post second Pfizer and I am still (jokingly) avoiding close contact.

I received my second shot two days ago which according to the nurse giving post injection instructions means I can now drink alcohol YaY!. My arm is still sore, and yesterday I had what I would classify as mild flu-like symptoms. A bit of congestion and achiness, not so much debilitating as annoying and tiring. I made it through the day with a few naps and feel much better today.


Umm, say what now? I wasn’t given any temperance instructions.

Same here. First I’ve heard of that one.

Who’s been vaccinated. But What and I Don’t Know have not.

Apparently some baseball players are reluctant to get the vaccine, for some reason (and I’m not sure why their employers can’t just require it).

It was something to do with making sure you stayed hydrated and alcohol has the opposite effect. I don’t know if it was backed by any studies or research though.


Nothing like that in my post vaccine handout but I guess it never hurts to stay hydrated.

My household has one shot to go. Chicago kid has her first lined up next week. Could be J&J not sure.

I finally managed to schedule a vaccination this Sunday! I was using a vaccine finder site and kept getting shut down when I’d go to the recommended site to schedule it. I finally snagged an appt to get the J&J vaccine, which I was hoping to get, so I don’t have to worry about scheduling a second dose. Even though it’s not rated quite as effective as Pfizer or Moderna, I hear it’s very effective at keeping you out of the hospital if you do get it.

Got my second Pfizer yesterday. Sore arm, kinda tired, and a bit hungover - but that last bit may be due to some celebratory wine.

It’s already at 80-90% effectiveness three weeks after the first dose - there’s a lot of research emerging so the numbers are difficult to lock down.

One week after the second dose, it will be 95% effective.

It remains 91.3% effective six months after the second dose.

They are still working on determining post-six-month effectiveness.

Just got my first shot a bit more than an hour ago. I’m feeling tired and my arm and fingers are aching a bit. Was going to hang around on the Dope, but I think I’ll need to go take a nap.

The post vaccine nap is a tremendous idea. I felt worse on day 2 than day 1, but naps are a must.

I’m 2 weeks post my first shot of Moderna. So for all practical purposes today I’m at full immunity, or at least as fully immune as I’m going to get. The second shot 2 weeks hence is to ensure the immunity lasts longer than just a couple months. So of course I will be getting it on schedule.

Two weeks after that I can really rest easy. Or at least as easy as any of us get to rest while half the USA and 3/4ths of the rest of the world are unvaccinated and mutations continue apace in the half-billion or so people who had/have it.

Got a ‘one and done’ J&J shot yesterday. Not noticing any side effects other than very mild soreness in the shoulder where I got the shot.

first moderna shot today. so far so good.

it was a private pharmacy so a bit more loosey goosey than the big sites. just walked in and walked out.

back for round 2 on 10 may.

Astrazeneca 10 days ago. My immune system should be starting to kick in by now…Looking forward to the second jab in a couple months…

Got my second Pfizer yesterday. Like the first shot, nothing worse than a day of sore arm. By the time I took a bath this morning, it was nearly gone. Woohoo!

Got my first moderna jab last week.

My partner and I got our second Pfizer shots 2 weeks ago.

No reactions other than a sore arm (after both shots- worse after shot #1) and some fatigue for a day (after shot #2).

Yesterday was our “Freedom Day” (in name only- we did nothing different other than play the George Michael song at full volume (still staying home, working from home, getting deliveries/curbside touchless pickup for the meantime). We are going to get some window replacement estimates next week- will be the first time we voluntarily have people in our house in a year. (Involuntarily had ambulance medics in the house once last summer- that sucked but all ok now)

Will proceed with caution with family visits and maybe a Trader Joe’s visit since that’s one place we haven’t been to in a year (their green dragon sauce is SO good and much missed). We are pretty Covid-paranoid so it’ll probably take a few months to get comfortable with being out and about again (as we kind of look around and see how it’s going with others who are vaccinated).

Got my second Pfizer vaccine today, so I guess by the end of April I’ll be about as protected by the shot as possible right now until we know more about boosters and variants and what not.

I don’t expect to go hog wild. Will still wear a mask in public and at the office for the foreseeable future. I hate masks SO much and wish I could burn :fire: them up! But not yet.

I would love to eat at a restaurant but that would require taking off the mask in public for some of the time. I don’t know! How does the Dope feel about that?