Who should be the SDMB celebrity muse?

Suppose that the SDMB had to pick a lovely female-type muse from its pool of favorite celebrities. Who would it be?

Based on previous discussions, I think the winner would be picked from one of the following:

[li]Emma Peel/Diana Rigg[/li][li]Bailey Quarters/Jan Smithers[/li][li]Kaylee Frye/Jewel Staite[/li][/ul]

So who’s it gonna be?

I vote for Mrs. Peel, played by the elegant Diana Rigg.

Never has a woman kicked so much butt while remaining ladylike.

Of those three I’d have to go with Emma Peel/Diana Rigg. Emma could kick ass when needed, and Diana had a good career after The Avengers (including Medea on B’way a few years ago). Kaylee/Jewel I’m not familiar with, and Bailey was just a wage slave in a third rate radio station while Jan’s career went nowhere and her husband left her for Barbra Streisand.

If I could nominate a fourth, it would be The Bride (real name Beatrice Kiddo)/Uma Thurman from Kill Bill 1 & 2. Beautiful, dangerous, clever and yet compassionate.

I must admit that when I read the title of the question, my first thought was “Why, Eve, of course.”

I have no idea who Bailey Quarters is. But I first thought of Eve too, and I don’t mean the rapper.

Another vote for Eve .

Joining the pile-on…Eve was my first thought as well.

[blushes prettily]

I’m really more Margaret Dumont than Emma Peel, though . . .

(Of course, I vote for Joan Crawford)

Paris Hilton.

I’m kidding… I’m ki… Ouch. Aow. Don’t hit me. Stop it.

Off topic: I knew a girl many years ago, she was a counselor at camp when I was a child. I suppose she’d be in her 50s now. Her name was Paris, and she said her parents named her that because that’s where she was born. I wonder if she curses Paris Hilton today for spoiling her interesting name.

Please resume.

Damn! I came in here specifically to mention Eve. I should’ve known I’d get beaten to the punch.


Sigh, yes. Throw my vote in the basket for Eve, as well.

Well, let’s be logical about this.

Our muse has to be:

  1. stunningly beautiful
  2. astoundingly intelligent
  3. funny as all hell

Yep, I think it’s got to be Eve.

Eve. Honeylamb. Darrrrling. Sweetchecks.

I vote for Diana Rigg, the perfect woman. I must.

I am seething from last night’s episode of Top 10 on Nick at Nite, on TV’s Top Ten Perfect Ten: The Women.

Heather Locklear was #1.

They could have done a top ten just from the 1960s, but no. No Diana Rigg, Mary Tyler Moore, Julie Newmar, Carolyn Jones, or even Sheila James. They weren’t even on the ballot! And they picked Ginger over Mary Jane. I was livid, livid I tell you. Pamela Anderson, Lucy Liu, Kim Catrell, Jessica Alba? This is Nick at Nite?

Must… take… matters… into… my… own… hands.

Emma. Emma. Emma.

Poor… choice of… words…

My immediate thought was KellyM, though it might have been Kaitlyn while she was still with us.

Wait a minute now, so you’re telling me that I can’t nominate Christopher Walken? :frowning:

Muses are by definition female, Finn, so I’m afraid Christopher Walken is out.

Shows what you know. They didn’t haaaave to be female, just many of them happened to be. As a matter of fact, they were: Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, Urania, and Christopher Walken.

So there.

You know, you’re absolutely right, but you have to remember I did my Classics A Levels in 1976. Just looked up the old syllabus (of which I keep a copy handy in my Kowloon office, just in case, you never know - forewarned is forearmed and all that) and indeed “Chris Walken” (abbreviated for some reason) is right there.

Another notch on the belt (stick, staff, wooden notchable thingie, whatever - I suppose, more precisely) of the Goddess of the War on Ignorance, Athene, maidservant of the gods and mother of Cecil.