Who should direct "The Donald Trump Story"?

You know it is going to happen, so who do you think would be the best match, director-wise, for the Donald Trump biopic?
My own choice would be Uwe Boll.

I guess it depends how things turn out in the next couple of weeks. We might need Michael Bay.

Oliver Stone

He has done some great president movies. JFK, Nixon and W. I would like to see him do a Reagan movie and a Trump film.

Brett Ratner.

It is such a pity that Russ Meyer is no longer among us. So I will suggest Quentin Tarantino. Or Aki Kaurismäki, to make the story even weirder.

Billy Ray. (He did The Comey Rule on Showtime.)

I think it’s going to have to be a miniseries rather than a movie.

The Coen brothers – comedy genuises. They should write AND direct.

David Lynch.

I suppose Mel Brooks is out of the game now?

Are the Farrelly Brothers (“Dumb and Dumber”) still making movies?

Which director makes the best horror movies?

Taika Waititi, and he should play him.

Serious answer - it has to be Scorcese, doesn’t it? Who else could do the perfect movie about the rise and fall of a New York gangster?

Looks like David Cronenberg hasn’t done much since 2014 but he’d be the one to make the main character look right.

Ed Wood. Even dead. It would just add to the absurdity.

If he’s not available :slight_smile: I vote Alan Smithee.

He’s already played one buffoonish yet malevolent and increasingly-irrational dictator who comes to a bad end. Wouldn’t want him to get typecast.

Maybe Sasha Cohen could do the subject “justice”

He’s got a long resume of directing jobs, so I am confident he could do justice to this story -

Alan Smithee

No dramatization can top the absurdity and reality of this horror. My vote goes to noted documentarian Errol Morris.

I was going to say Ed Wood, but got ninja’ed, so my new choice is Tommy Wiseau.

“I did not incite insurrection, it’s not true! It’s bullshit! I did not incite insurrection! (throws useless can’t-tweet phone) I did not. Oh, hi, Pence.”